Legal Challenges to Vaccine Mandates?

TRANSCRIPT: President Biden: …patient but our patience is wearing thin and the refusal has cost all of us. Man: President Biden this evening trying to get Americans to get vaccinated. The president unveiling his six-point plan to stop the spread of COVID. At the top of the list, vaccine requirements impacting as many as 100…

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Former Brunswick DA Indicted

Attorney Page Pate is recognized as a criminal defense and constitutional attorney, as well as a legal analyst. Various media outlets will often contact Page for his comments on important and high-profile cases appearing in the news. In this case, WJXT (News 4 Jax) contacted Page to discuss the decision of a Glynn County, Georgia…

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Our firm represents NY and DC in challenge to GA voting law

TRANSCRIPT: Reporter: A group of states and the District of Columbia are imploring a federal judge in Atlanta to hear evidence in the federal lawsuit against Georgia’s new voting law. The Department of Justice is suing Georgia and the Republican National Committee over the voting law passed after the 2020 election. They claim certain provisions…

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