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Murder Conviction Overturned in Hot Car Death Case

June 28, 2022
Aisha: So, a lot of people are wondering right now when you hear this information because it was a huge story. You say, “Well, what’s next? And could now he be released from prison with the most serious part of his conviction overturned?” Let’s bring in now 11Alive, legal analyst, Page Pate. Page, what can […]


May 25, 2022
Fred: All right, tomorrow in Atlanta the Fulton County district attorney is expected to begin the selection process for a special grand jury to decide if former President Donald Trump should be charged for trying to pressure Georgia officials into overturning Joe Biden’s election win in that state in 2020. Prosecutors are looking into a […]


May 25, 2022
Fred: Florida’s feud with Disney entered a new phase on Friday, Governor Ron DeSantis signing a new law that will dismantle the self-governing status the Disney World resort has enjoyed for the last 55 years. And it comes after Disney criticized a Florida law aimed at preventing schools from teaching young children about sexual orientation […]

Lawsuit Alleges Delta 8 is Legal in Georgia

March 30, 2022
Rick: First at 6 and only on CBS46, Georgia vape shops raided. Exclusive video showing officers storming a cannabis distribution center in Gwinnett County. Prosecutors arguing some companies are selling dangerous THC products. Shon: But a new lawsuit claims the products are legal. Now businesses involved in that lawsuit are hoping to clear up the […]

Sentencing Hearing in Arbery Case

January 18, 2022
TRANSCRIPT: Wolf: Let’s discuss what’s going on with Criminal Defense Attorney Page Pate. He’s also in Brunswick, Georgia this morning for us. Page, thanks very much for joining us. Tell us what you expect from today’s sentencing. Will these men spend the rest of their lives in prison? Page: Well, Wolf, in Georgia, it is […]