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Page Pate and Jess Johnson have been extraordinarily effective in winning criminal cases in Georgia through hard work and creative advocacy. For over 20 years, our firm has been winning difficult felony criminal trials in courts across the State. Both Page and Jess have been recognized by various legal publications and directories as two of the best criminal defense attorneys in Georgia.

Our firm’s success comes through hard work, creativity and diligence. We are often able to find legal and factual defenses that less experienced lawyers may miss. Many times, our effort leads to a pretrial dismissal or very favorable resolution of the case. In cases where a pretrial dismissal is not possible, our lawyers prepare our clients for trial with unmatched diligence and focus. This trial preparation often leads to a very favorable resolution of the case prior to trial.

Our greatest successes, however, have occurred in court. We have won difficult criminal trials in federal and state courts across Georgia and in many other states.  In fact, we are not aware of any criminal defense law firm in Georgia with more recent successful results, or more “not guilty” verdicts in serious criminal trials.

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Our criminal defense lawyers have won trials, obtained dismissals, and reversed wrongful convictions for clients charged in every part of Georgia, including metro Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Madison, Athens, Gainesville, Rome, Albany, Columbus, Augusta, and in many smaller cities and towns across the state.

Although we have experience in virtually all types of Georgia criminal cases, our lawyers primarily defend people charged with the following felony crimes:

Georgia crimes are prosecuted in both superior and state courts in most counties in the state.  Superior courts handle felony cases, and state courts handle misdemeanor cases.  In Georgia and most other states, felonies are crimes punishable by more than twelve months in prison.  Misdemeanors are those crimes that are punishable up to twelve months in prison.

In Georgia, there are many felony crimes that have mandatory minimum sentences.  Of course murder, armed robbery, rape and other serious violent felonies carry significant mandatory minimum sentences.  There are other Georgia crimes that also carry stiff mandatory minimums.  Drug trafficking offenses and sex crimes, especially those involving children, can carry mandatory minimum penalties of up to twenty-five years in prison.

Given the large number of counties in Georgia, there is an understandable wide range of sentencing practices in our superior and state courts.  While Georgia has instituted certain mandatory minimum penalties, there are no sentencing guidelines in Georgia like there are in federal court and many other states.  That means that judges and prosecutors have a tremendous amount of discretion in sentencing practices and plea negotiations.

Our criminal defense lawyers have a well-earned reputation for winning difficult criminal trials in state and superior courts across Georgia.  Many times, our thorough pre-trial preparation allows us to obtain dismissals before cases are even indicted.  For those cases that we cannot resolve prior to indictment or trial, we have won a number of “not guilty” verdicts for our clients.  In some cases, where a trial is not advisable or desired, we have been able to negotiate very favorable resolutions through diligent preparation and advocacy.

A recent review from one of our clients in Georgia:

I don’t know how to begin to express how much I appreciate the team of Pate Law Firm. From the beginning my family was treated with the extreme most dignity and caring. Despite being one client of many Mr. Pate and his associates always managed to make us feel as though we were the only client he had, with prompt and immediate attention when needed. Aside from the relationship his knowledge of the law in the area where we needed him was unparalleled and his performance in court rivaled the best in the nation! I sincerely believe that GOD led me to his team and I would tell anyone that it would be in their best interest to use the firm of Page Pate. He managed to accomplish the absolute best case scenario and gave my son back his life with NO indictment!

If you need an experienced Georgia criminal defense lawyer, contact our office to discuss your case with Page Pate or Jess Johnson.

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