Constitutional Law and Litigation

Our lawyers have many years of experience in constitutional law and litigation in federal courts across the country. We have helped our clients protect their constitutional rights and recover damages when those rights have been violated. We also work hard to promote a better appreciation and recognition of our civil liberties under the law.

Attorney Page Pate is a nationally-recognized constitutional lawyer and legal analyst. He often appears on national news media to discuss constitutional law and how it applies to the important issues of the day. He has successfully represented people in constitutional law cases in federal district courts, federal circuit courts of appeal, and the United States Supreme Court.

Our constitutional law and litigation practice is primarily focused on the following areas:

  • Voting rights and related litigation related federal and state elections, ballot access, discrimination, and similar issues

  • First Amendment litigation including defamation (libel and slander), protection for whistleblowers who face retaliation, challenging unlawful arrests for participating in non-violent protests, religious rights litigation and appeals.

  • Second Amendment challenges to state gun permit laws, excessive taxation on gun or ammunition purchases, right to carry laws, bans and other regulation

  • Eminent domain litigation relating to government action to take private property without full and just compensation.

  • Section 1983 and Bivens lawsuits to recover damages for intentional civil rights violations by government officials, usually relating to First, Fourth, and Eighth Amendment cases

  • Commerce Clause challenges to statutes enacted by Congress that exceed their authority to  regulate interstate commerce

Our firm has the experience necessary to help clients navigate almost any issue relating to constitutional law.  Contact our firm if you need assistance with constitutional law and litigation.

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