Our firm’s attorneys have over a decade of experience obtaining successful results for our clients in federal trials, federal appeals, and post-conviction proceedings. We have handled a wide range of federal cases, including federal firearm, drug, sex, and fraud charges, as well as more specialized kinds of cases involving international sanctions, government benefits fraud, and “pill mill” cases. We have helped dozens of people get out of federal prison as well, either through appeals or sentence reduction petitions.

What usually happens in a federal criminal case? Watch this video.

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We have successfully represented clients in federal criminal cases across the United States. Our firm has its principal office in Atlanta GA, but we frequently travel to federal courts in other states to represent people in serious federal criminal cases.

Given the severity and complexity of federal criminal investigations and prosecutions, anyone charged with a federal crime should retain an experienced federal criminal lawyer. Federal charges are not like state charges, and you need someone with experience to guide you through a federal case.

In addition to representing hundreds of people in resolving serious federal criminal cases by agreement or by winning the case at trial, our lawyers have also helped people facing serious federal charges by reviewing their case and providing a “second opinion” about the strength of the government’s evidence or the viability of certain defenses before the person pleads guilty or decides to go to trial. Our lawyers can step in and assist the lawyer who is currently representing the client, or take over the case entirely if that’s what is best for the client. In addition to our successful trial practice, we also assist clients in appealing wrongful convictions in federal court.

If you need a federal criminal defense attorney with decades of successful results, contact our firm and discuss your case in complete confidence. You will not find federal criminal lawyers anywhere in the country with more recent successful results, better credentials, or a deeper commitment to pursuing justice for people who need help in federal court.

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“If I could give any advice to someone in a similar situation it would be to say your prayers and go to Church”  

It isn't hyperbole to say that because of Tom Church I am here and able to write this review. Despite statistically facing near certain time in prison for my charges, he was able to successfully negotiate a probationary sentence. Not only was the outcome incredibly rare, but it was also achieved far from Tom's home state. My case went long due to COVID related delays, and even in months where nothing was happening, he would get back immediately if I had any questions or concerns. I was also kept up to date with every milestone from arrest up until sentencing. Where Tom really stands out is on a personal level. From the beginning he was invested in my case, and helped support both myself and relatives over any concerns. If I had a good idea all I needed to do was ask and he would consider it. He has been a good friend the duration of the case and beyond. Criminal cases are often the worst times in a person's life, it was for me. If I could give any advice to someone in a similar situation it would be to say your prayers and go to Church.

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