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Our criminal defense attorneys have a proven record of success in federal cases in courts all across the United States.  For over twenty years, Page Pate has been winning federal jury trials, obtaining pretrial dismissals, and successfully resolving many difficult federal criminal cases.

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Our law firm has the experience and resources necessary to defend clients in even the most complex federal criminal cases.  We have successfully represented elected officials, judges, lawyers, police officers, doctors, pharmacists, pilots, senior business executives, professional athletes and many other individuals who were charged with federal crimes.  Our clients are diverse, but share the same goal of winning their federal criminal case.  That’s why they hire us.

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If you want to know how to get the lowest possible sentence in federal court, watch our video on the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

Although we have experience in virtually all types of federal criminal cases, most of our work involves the following federal offenses:

Are federal criminal cases different than state criminal cases? Yes, in many important ways.

Federal criminal investigations and prosecutions are handled very differently than similar criminal cases in state courts.  First of all, the law enforcement agencies that investigate federal crimes are generally well-funded and staffed by the most experienced agents and investigators.  The federal prosecutors who conduct federal criminal trials and sentencing hearings are also usually very experienced, and have virtually unlimited resources at their disposal.  The judges who preside in federal courts have lifetime appointments and their dockets are generally not as crowded as those of most state court judges who handle many different types of criminal offenses.

More importantly, federal crimes generally carry stiffer sentences than state crimes, especially in the areas of drug trafficking and conspiracy.  Federal criminal penalties are also more severe in cases involving child pornography and other sexual offenses prosecuted in federal court.  Interestingly, white collar cases (like fraud, embezzlement and corruption) usually do not result in as steep a sentence as one might get if prosecuted for the same offense in state court.  For the most part, however, the mandatory minimum penalties and federal sentencing guidelines usually result in very lengthy sentences for people convicted of federal crimes. That’s one of the main reasons it is so important to retain a lawyer with a record of success in federal court if the case is being prosecuted by the federal government.

Of course, not all crimes can be prosecuted in federal court. The federal government has limited jurisdiction over criminal offenses and can only prosecute those crimes that are specifically defined in the federal criminal code.  In order to have jurisdiction over a crime, the alleged criminal activity must somehow involve the federal government or some instrumentality of interstate commerce.  Federal courts have generally been very expansive in their definition of what constitutes interstate commerce.  As a result, the federal government now prosecutes many crimes that were traditionally prosecuted only in state court.  And this trend is likely to continue.

Given the severity and complexity of federal criminal investigations and prosecutions, anyone charged with a federal crime should retain a lawyer who has extensive experience in federal criminal defense.  If you need a federal criminal defense attorney with decades of successful results, contact our firm and discuss your case with Page Pate in complete confidence.  You will not find a law firm with more recent successful results, better credentials, or a deeper commitment to pursuing justice for people who need help in federal court.

A recent review from one of our clients:

Page Pate is a sincere, caring, outstanding attorney who was passionate about my case from the beginning to the successful end. He is very professional and involved in every aspect of the case, always keeping me and my family advised as the proceedings progressed and quickly responding to all our concerns. His obvious knowledge of the Federal judicial system was crucial in allaying our fears and giving us hope and confidence in the future. We will always be grateful that he gave us our lives back and highly recommend him to all.

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