Read why our clients and their families are thankful they hired us, in their own words

The following are unedited reviews written by a
few of our firm’s many satisfied clients, compiled from Page Pate’s profile on avvo.com
and our firm’s Google reviews.

“We were truly blessed to have him on our side”  

Mr. Pate was my attorney representing on a unique situation. Despite the claims and charges put forth, he did a thorough analysis of the case - vehemently pointed out the "assumptions made in the charges", refuted the ambiguities and got the best possible outcome for me. He was always professional in his approach, knows what he is doing and maintains his calm and composure no matter what the situation. We were truly blessed to have him on our side.

Sid B., a former client   
“It was one of our best decisions ever”  

Recently we began searching for Law Firms having Federal Court qualified Defense Attorneys with expertise in Compassionate Release for the Incarcerated. Our internet research led us to Mr. Tom Church of Pate, Johnson and Church…a fortunate find for our family and son. During our initial phone conversation with Mr. Church, it was apparent that his staff had already completed preliminary research into our son’s severe health issues and the State of Wyoming Federal Court procedures. Mr. Church was well versed in Compassionate Release Pursuant to the new First Step Act legislation. Mr. Church’s calm demeanor, spot on analysis, ability to outline a path to a possible successful outcome, unhurried manner made us retain him on the spot. It was one of our best decisions ever. Mr. Church is a consummated professional with an uncanny understanding of the legal process. His written Motions and correspondence are well researched, analytical, logical and skillfully written. We are very impressed, extremely grateful, feeling very fortunate having his expertise and him in our corner. He kept us appraised of developments, emailed constantly with our son, returned all phone calls personally. He is a breath of fresh air in the judicial procedure jungle. Under his counsel we were successful. We are most appreciative and of course our son is beyond ecstatic. He can now receive proper care for his medical condition while protected from COVID-19. It is with pleasure we strongly recommend Attorney Tom Church of Pate, Johnson and Church for criminal legal proceedings that may have arisen in your life.

Mary C., mother of a former client   
“Due to the superb work of Page and Jess, the charges were dropped”  

BEST IN TOWN! Look no further then Page Pate and Jess Johnson if you want the best trial lawyers to represent you! Their dedication and complete commitment to their client is beyond reproach. They are complete masters of their knowledge of the law and understanding the court system while providing the top investigative team and forensic technology with a top notch administrative staff. They will walk you through each legal process, demonstrating professionalism while being aggressive advocates for you. In the courtroom there’s no doubt that they are accomplished masterful attorneys who represented my son being accused of a criminal crime he did not commit. This was a difficult case but due to the superb work of Page and Jess the charges were dropped. We will forever be grateful to them for all their hard work,
compassion and dedication. If you need the best, then hire the best!

Kathy D., mother of a former client   
“We were Blessed to have him as our Attorney”  

I was searching the internet looking for a law firm to represent my son. I had no idea what I was doing. I eventually saw the name Pate, Johnson and Church and stopped. The name Church caught my attention. That was the best decision I could have made. After my first telephone conversation with Mr. Church, I felt calm and hopeful. His demeanor was one of transparency and integrity. Mr. Church was professional, thorough, knowledgeable, and prompt. We were Blessed to have him as our Attorney, and we would highly recommend this firm to anyone!

Ida F., mother of a former client   
“I've never experienced a better lawyer”  

During the process of my legal matter, Tom took the time to thoroughly explain what was needed to be done. He stated there maybe somethings we didn't like to hear but he refused to leave any detail out of his explanation. I've never experienced a better lawyer. Tom was outstanding and I would recommend Pate & Johnson Law Firm to everyone.

Adam H., a former client   
“Mr. Johnson provided expert counsel, clear communication, and great results”  

I hired Jess Johnson of Pate & Johnson to help me with a very difficult, persistent, and arcane legal matter that had been hamstringing me for over a decade. I had hired nearly a half dozen lawyers before Mr. Johnson and most of them took my money, never returned calls, and provided worse counsel than my family and friends. Anyone who has dealt with a legal issue understands its haunting and the legal system a mass production rending machine for those without a good lawyer. Mr. Johnson provided expert counsel, clear communication, and great results.

Joseph K., a former client   
“If you need a great lawyer that will work hard for you, you need to call Page!”  

I hired Mr Pate to handle my federal 2255 appeal which was for ineffective council of a former attorney. He spent countless hours with my case load filing paperwork, meeting with me, more than one hearing in front of multiple judges etc. my 2255 was won and I had a sentence reduction fo all his hard work. 2255 are very hard to win and the odds are slim so if you need a great lawyer that will work hard for you and argue for you even harder in Court, you need to call Page! He and Mr Church both had my back all the way thru. Thanks to them both but especially Page Pate!

Mitch P., a former client   
“I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a firm that cares”  

Its not hard to explain how I feel about Page Pate and his firm. I have had a horrible experience where a prior partner of mine hooked up with one of my competitors and framed me to take responsibility for their illegal acts. The government came after me and I have gone through a few attorneys who looked at me as a number and with $$$ signs. They did not care but pretended to care. They did not believe in me but took my money and did not put into my case the efforts that were necessary to prove my innocence. I almost gave up when I found Page Pate and Pate & Johnson. Page took the time to return my calls, he and his associate/partner listened to me, took my case and in a short time frame knew more about my case than all the prior attorneys I had worked with. What I appreciate most is that Page takes my calls and talks to me and treats me like he really wants to help me vs. me just being a vehicle to make more money. He and his firm are the best and are top shelf. I am still in the middle of my litigation issues but I think I finally found the best firm to represent me. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a firm that cares and that will do what takes to win in the name of justice.

Andrew K., a former client   
“I cannot tell you how thankful my wife and I are that we found and hired Page Pate”  

After a shocking discovery that my wife and I were being investigated for mortgage fraud, we began an extensive search for the best defense attorneys in the country. Thankfully, our search lead us to Mr. Page Pate, who we found to be very professional and an excellent communicator who gave us straight and honest answers. There was no doubt, that Mr. Pate was the best attorney to represent us and lead us through this crisis. Mr. Pate and his legal team took immediate action gathering information, and carefully researching our documents. Within a very short period of time they found significant evidence to prove our innocence. Mr. Pate and his legal team then presented this evidence and findings to the prosecutor, who after review, halted the investigation. Mr. Pate’s legal intellect and sound guidance was crucial in bringing this horrible event to a quick close. I cannot tell you how thankful my wife and I are that we found and hired Page Pate to represent us. He is a hard working attorney who is dedicated to delivering outstanding results for his clients. Thank you Mr. Pate, you have our deepest gratitude and our highest recommendation!

David S., a former client   
“If you want justice, Page Pate is the lawyer to contact.”  

We have been clients of Mr. Pate's for a while now. Mr. Pate has always answered any concerns we had, always up front and honest with us and I couldn't speak any clearer when I say his job is his passion. Mr. Pate knows his clients so well he doesn't even have to look at notes. That's how much he knows your case AND you. If you are looking for a lawyer who will go above and beyond the call of duty Page Pate is the lawyer you seek. If you want justice Page Pate is the lawyer to contact. Mr. Johnson has communicated with us at times regarding issues as well. Mr. Pate and Mr. Johnson surpass all expectations of what a lawyer can do and has done for our family. Thank You So Much Mr. Pate.

Ann P., wife of a current client   
“He did an amazing job representing our son”  

I highly recommend Attorney, Page Pate. From our first meeting with him we felt confident that he was extremely knowledgeable with federal criminal law. He did an amazing job representing our son. Due to his exceptional trial skills and expertise on federal law, our son received a phenomenally reduced sentence. Page is caring, sincere and a highly skilled criminal defense attorney.

Debra S., mother of a former client   
"They are amazing!"  

A HUGE thank you to Tom Church and the entire staff at Pate & Johnson...they are amazing! Tom was always prompt and responsive to answer any of our questions or concerns, of which we had many. He was kind, patient and reassuring every step of the way. There were decisions to be made, and Tom provided professional, well-informed advice. Admittedly, we were nervous about going to court, but as soon as Tom arrived, he was easily able to calm our nerves and prepare us for the proceedings. We would highly recommend Pate & Johnson, and particularly Tom Church, to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, caring and professional attorney.

Maggie B., wife of a former client   
“You definitely get treated like a valued client”  

I did my due diligence before choosing an attorney to represent my Father. Pate, Johnson & Church live up to their top-notch representation. Personally, the 3 things that really stood out were the quality and thoroughness of their work, You definitely get treated like a valued client, and their staff communicates quickly and professionally. I would definitely recommend their services.

Janet W., daughter of a former client   
“Thank God my family was referred to Pate Johnson, & Church”  

All I can say is thank God my family was referred to Pate Johnson, & Church firm. My daughter had a terrible accident at her day care and we were lost and did not know what to do. Jess Johnson responded so quickly to our case. Jess, we appreciate your guidance and time in my daughters case. You didn't give up on us or our case and that you arranged mediation to resolve the matter quickly out of court. I would not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone in need of a sound lawyer. Thank you for your help, determination, courage, analytical skills and hard work. A million "Thank you"! You have truly secured my daughters future!

Elisabeth C., mother of a former client   
“Don’t hesitate to reach out and get help!”  

I can honestly say I have received the best service and support from Tom Church. He did amazing work, fought for me, and was able to accomplish a compassionate release. I am super blessed and grateful for his assistance and for giving me another opportunity in life. He is very trustworthy, he told me what to expect each step of the way, and maintained constant communication. I highly recommend him, don’t hesitate to reach out and get help!

Jose G., a former client   
“I would recommend this law firm highly”  

Mr. Johnson of Pate/Johnson handled my case with the utmost professionalism; filed a motion in court with a judge that was tough. Within two days of the motion the judge signed the order and the case was disposed of the way it was originally intended. The entire process was smooth and again, handled as professional as one could expect. I would recommend this law firm highly.

Lindsey B., wife of a former client   
“We thank God every day for choosing Mr. Pate”  

In 2017 my brother had recently got arrested facing some very serious Federal charges for the second time (He previously served 10 years in Federal Prison). We knew we had to act fast and get him the best defense lawyer or else he will end up facing a very long time away. After extensive online research we were set with Mr. Pate's Firm. We knew that my brother's life and future were at stake and we needed to make the right choice. We thank God every day for choosing Mr. Pate. His professionalism, knowledge, and understanding was beyond what we could ever hope for. My brother was sentenced to LESS TIME than what he served his first time of being incarcerated when he had no priors. Mr. Pate is a true fighter for his clients. Definitely the best Criminal Defense Attorney. You couldn't ask for a better firm and lawyer! Thank you truly Mr. Pate!

Elizabeth R., sister of a former client   
“I am very thankful that I was able to retain attorney Page Pate”  

I am very thankful that I was able to retain attorney Page Pate. I had retained several lawyers and released them prior to retaining attorney Pate. Immediately after meeting him I knew he was the man for the job. His demeanor was calm, and warm. He had a caring personality, and I felt that my case would be handled as if it were his only case. His knowledge of federal law, and his work ethics were very professional. He was able to take my case after several other attorneys had tampered with the case for almost twelve or thirteen months, and in SIX months Mr. Pate had shined some light and hope into the case immediately. My family went through a lot with this case. The stress, the anxiety, the distrust, the finances, and the concern we had for the outcome of the case. He did not feed us with a dream, he told us up front what he was capable of doing with the case. He kept us very informed and involved with the case. He met with us as often as we felt the need to meet with him, and returned all of our phone calls. He is a patient man and listen to all of our concerns. I made several mistakes in looking for an attorney prior to finding Mr. Pate. He came highly recommended to me, with cases he had handled with very good outcomes. After researching Mr. Pate I was truly amazed and impressed with what other clients had experienced with him as their attorney. He lived up to everything I had heard/learned about him regarding his abilities as a federal attorney. He was definitely the attorney we needed. I cannot thank him enough for what he did for my family with the outcome of the case, we were very pleased. He is a Number ONE attorney in my opinion!

Vicki B., mother of a former client   
“I am still thanking God every day for Page Pate and Jess Johnson and their belief in me”  

Page Pate and his partner Jess Johnson are top notch! Both are brilliant attorneys with incredible integrity. Page represented me in a successful 5 year long Whistleblower False Claims Act Case pertaining to a Customs Fraud scheme carried out by Bassett Mirror Company, Z Gallerie and Macys. I had contacted other Whistleblower attorneys in Birmingham and Nashville prior to finding him. Those firms were quick to boast about their Qui Tam knowledge and successes, then told me my case would be too difficult to try and chances would be slim that the DOJ would take the case. I do believe they wrote me off as a dumb blonde who didn't know what she was talking about.. Then I received a return phone call from Page Pate whom I had emailed just like the others with the details surrounding my claim. Despite his busy schedule and prestigious reputation as one of the best Federal Trial Lawyers in the US, he was unbelievably polite, respectful and took the time to listen, explain the process in it's entirety and answer any questions. Page saw the potential of my case where the others didn't. He and Jess worked very long hours preparing the claim, researching, making phone calls and attending meetings with me to assist the DOJ, Homeland, CBP, Commerce Department, IRS and various other agents. Page remained totally engaged with the government and myself throughout the 5 years it took the Government to settle with 2 of the 3 defendants for a total of $25M. Being a Whistleblower is not easy, especially while the case is under seal. It's an secret emotional rollercoaster ride and no one can know you bought a ticket to ride! Despite my own ups and downs, Page and Jess got me thru it and I never felt "abandoned" throughout the process. $4.3 Million Dollars later, I am still thanking God every day for Page Pate and Jess Johnson and their belief in me and their ability to make a $25M case out of what other expert Qui Tam attorneys saw as impossible.

Kelly W., a former client   
“Thank you, Mr. Pate, for being such a wonderful person and an excellent lawyer.”  

I would like to express my gratitude to Page Pate for handling my case with so much care and effort. Out of three different lawyers he is the only one who could handle my case and help people understand me. He offered guidance to me in a way I could understand and helped opposites understand each other. Thank you, Mr. Pate, for being such a wonderful person and an excellent lawyer.

Austin I., a former client   
"My family cannot speak highly enough about Pate and Johnson Law Firm.  

This firm worked tirelessly for two years to represent my son who was innocent on all charges. Both Page and Jess treated my son, as well as my entire family, with dignity and respect. They always prepared us with the court process, and gave us honest answers. They truly took an interest in his case and went to trial with the best defense. Thank you Page and Jess for working so diligently on his case. I would refer your office to anyone in need of the best criminal defense!"

Beth I., mother of a former client   
"I highly recommend Page Pate to anyone who is looking for the best in legal counsel.  

I contacted and subsequently hired Page Pate to help me with an unfortunate run in I had with some ATF Agents. With Page's advice, legal guidance and his very comforting demeanor I felt confident that I had hired the best attorney for my situation. He devoted many hours and gave much of his own time to help me in every way possible. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case and owe a debt of gratitude to Page for all his assistance and expert legal knowledge. I highly recommend Page Pate to anyone who is looking for the best in legal counsel."

Robert S., a former client   
"Best Lawyer in Georgia.  

First I must saw Thank You for the Outstanding job in representing my husband. I had no clue as to what we were up against with the charges that were presented in the case against my husband. Without hesitation you assured me that you will represent my husband and see this case til the end. Til the end you did with the end result being a Dismissal!! I can not say Thank You enough."

Wanda K., wife of a former client   
“If you want a lawyer that will fight for your freedom, it would be Mr. Pate!  

Mr. Pate is a competent criminal defense lawyer and we highly recommend him to anyone who’s in some legal shambles. A beloved member of our family was extradited to the US on a federal charge. Without any knowledge of how the States' judicial system works, it was obvious we need the help of an adept counselor. After intensive research and painstaking interviews with many lawyers, Mr. Pate was our choice because not only of his confidence but his knowledge and professionalism. Mr. Pate was able to negotiate a very satisfactory deal for us in a short time, avoiding a possibility of 10 years or more in prison. Words couldn’t describe how happy we were considering all the mental and physical exertion this mess put us through. I truly thank God for sending Mr. Pate to help us fight this criminal case. If it wasn’t for Mr. Pate we wouldn’t have our normal life back. If you want a lawyer that will fight for your freedom, it would be Mr. Pate!"

Christina N., daughter of a former client   
"He showed sincere concern for my and my family’s well-being during the tumultuous time.  

After extensive research and telephone calls on the best attorney to handle my case, Page Pate was selected based upon his experience, knowledge, and respected reputation in the legal community. After watching his legal commentary on CNN, I knew that he could navigate the myriad of issues surrounding my circumstances. When I first met with him, he exhibited the ‘take charge’ attitude yet compassionate demeanor needed to handle my case. He attentively listened and prepared me for the upcoming months. He showed sincere concern for my and my family’s well-being during the tumultuous time. He was able to easily navigate the issues and vigorously defend me even in the face of pre-judgment. He understood that there is more to the story than some would have others believe. People constantly ask me for his contact information because they were impressed by his demeanor and courtroom style. He was the right man for the situation — hands down."

Daryle M., a former client   
"The absolute best Whistleblower Attorney you can hire!!  

$15M Settlement! Page is an amazing, brilliant and exceptionally talented attorney. He represented me in a Whistleblower False Claims Act case which resulted in a $15M settlement with Z Gallerie, a major US furniture retailer who evaded paying anti-dumping duties to US Customs and Border Protection for many years. My award was a life changing $2.4 Million. Page has long standing, established relationships with the Department of Justice and knows exactly how to navigate the complexities of pursuing such a case with the government. The detailed and precise complaint he prepared and submitted to the US Department of Justice is one for the record books, truly amazing. The Government immediately took up the case with much enthusiasm. Page was engaged with the US Attorneys throughout the entire process. Words alone can not express the gratitude I have for Page Pate!"

Kelly W., a former client   
"His intelligence was reassuring and his compassion comforting to our entire family.  

Over a three year period Mr. Pate has successfully defended my husband of criminal charges related to drug trafficking which could have resulted in a long prison term and within the past month prevailed in a civil trial that could have resulted in the forfeiture of his airplane. Mr. Pate proved to the court that my husband was not guilty of the trafficking/conspiracy charges two years ago and earlier this month he won the civil trial, my husband's plane will be returned to him after three years in forfeiture. During all of this time Mr. Pate was always accessible, always returned phone calls promptly and always kept us informed of the status of the case. We are not local to the Atlanta area and were unfamiliar with the legal community, we feel extremely fortunate to have worked so quickly and chosen so wisely in obtaining representation. We interviewed several attorneys who were recommended but knew very early in the process that Mr. Pate would have my husband's best interests and believe in his innocence. His intelligence was reassuring and his compassion comforting to our entire family. Our sincere thanks to Page and his staff, we highly recommend him should you find yourself in an unfortunate circumstance as we did."

Peggy F., wife of a former client   
“Page gave us the confidence to take this to trial and fight.  

After being investigated by the Department of Homeland Security for downloading child pornography on a family computer, I was charged with possession and receiving child pornography. Eventually we found out that no images or video of any kind were found on any computer, it seemed I was charged in an over abundance of caution because I was in the childcare industry. My first lawyer encouraged me to take a plea deal of 3 years in federal prison and a lifetime on the national sex offender registry, expecting it to be the easiest way out with minimal damages. However I was uncomfortable with this idea especially when no evidence was found and I felt I had done nothing wrong.

Mr. Pate took our case and immediately proved he had far more experience in the federal court system and trial than my first lawyer. Mr. Pate gave us the confidence to take this to trial and fight. After 20 months of being on house arrest, losing my career and my reputation in the community destroyed, my case was dismissed.

Working with Mr. Pate and his associate was the best decision we made involving this situation. He is confident in his ability and took a respectful and non-judgmental approach to my case. It wasn't always easy to hear what he had to say, but he told the blunt truth that we needed to hear. Preparing for trial was immensely stressful for my family and I, but I am grateful I had Mr. Pate by my side. A week before trial, as I am in his office and he is preparing me to take the witness stand, the prosecutor called his office and informed him my case had been dismissed.

We are confident we would have won the case at trial but relieved we didn't have to go through what would have been a nasty and stressful court battle. Mr. Pate knew exactly what to do and the approach to take for my defense. There was very little evidence in my case and the prosecutor knew this. The DA made the right decision to dismiss the case because he wouldn't have had a chance against Mr. Pate and his associate.

The biggest lesson my family, friends and I have learned from this horrible situation. Don't EVER talk to law enforcement without a lawyer present. This seems like common sense now, but at the time I felt I had nothing to hide. If you are ever in need of an attorney to represent you, start with Mr. Pate. You will not find anyone better.

Thank you Mr. Pate for taking my side and fighting for me. We cannot thank you enough."

Matthew K., a former client   
"I don't know how to begin to express how much I appreciate the team of Pate Law Firm.  

From the beginning my family was treated with the extreme most dignity and caring. Despite being one client of many Mr. Pate and his associates always managed to make us feel as though we were the only client he had, with prompt and immediate attention when needed. Aside from the relationship his knowledge of the law in the area where we needed him was unparalleled and his performance in court rivaled the best in the nation! I sincerely believe that GOD led me to his team and I would tell anyone that it would be in their best interest to use the firm of Page Pate. He managed to accomplish the absolute best case scenario and gave my son back his life with NO indictment!

Charlotte M., mother of former client   
“The best of the best.  

Almost 10 years have pass after that morning when I made the call to Page Pate and ask him to evaluate my case, it was from all standpoints a difficult situation and it would require a highly skilled and experienced attorney, especially when it comes to federal charges or violations defense. After analyzing it and carefully covering all angles he agreed to take my case. From that moment on he calculated the time and place to confront the U.S District Attorney. The moment came, and for me it was a frightening one, but all my fears came to a halt, and a feeling of tranquility went thru my body when Page started to convey all aspects of my case. He did it with such an overpowering knowledge of the law that I think it set the pace of the hearing. The day of the sentence arrived, and to all eyes with the exception of Page I was going to be spending the next 10 or 5 years in a federal prison. The court when on recess to have a meeting, it lasted almost an hour. When judge the DA and Page returned to the courtroom, Page approached me and gave me the news – I was going on probation for 5 years, plus restitution since it was a fraud and embezzlement at a federal level. There is a saying that you get what you pay for, and in my case it was money well spent. I had the best of the best.”

Daniel B., a former client   
“If you want your life back, retain Page Pate.  

I can't say enough about how happy my family and I are that we found Mr. Pate. I was a correction officer falsely accused of civil rights violation, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and writing a false statement. Mr. Pate helped me get my life back and I will never forget the job he did for me. This was a very stressful time in my life but I was put to ease knowing I was going into this with, in my opinion, the best attorney in Georgia. The day of the verdict, June 20, 2014, was the most nerve racking day of my life. This is a day that I will never forget. This is the day the jury came back with NOT GUILTY on all charges. Mr. Pate is worth every dollar you pay for his representation. I left the situation wishing I could have done more. If you want the best call Mr. Pate. I also want to say a big thank you to Emily. Emily is on the staff of the Pate Law Firm. She always had time to answer any questions I had."

Tyler G., a former client   
“All the way through the process Mr. Pate and his staff were always very courteous and professional.  

When I had asked several people who was the best defense attorney in the State of Georgia, everyone recommended Page Pate. So I engaged Mr. Pate as my defense attorney. All the way through the process Mr. Pate and his staff were always very courteous and professional. I would recommend Mr. Pate for any legal issues you might have and if I would ever need an attorney I will hire Mr. Pate."

Glenn B., a former client   
“I asked Mr. Pate to fight for my life as if it was his.  

God sent! God has truly blessed Mr. Pate! A man after God's own heart! I was charged with two counts of violating Federal drug laws in the Middle District of Georgia. The charges consisted of a conspiracy charge and a possession with intent to distribute drugs. One count required a mandatory minimum sentence of ten years with the maximum sentence range of life. The second count required a maximum sentence ranges of twenty years. Upon finding out about these charges, I immediately prayed then researched Google for the best Federal attorney in the state of Georgia and thank God for Google! Google's search results produced Mr. Pate, who is truly blessed by God. I called his Law firm where I encountered via telephone one of the most respected ladies professionally ever: Ms. Emily Brooks, who is the paralegal for the Pate Law Firm. I explained my situation to her because Mr. Pate was in court elsewhere that day. Ms. Brooks stated Mr. Pate would contact me later on. True to her word Mr. Pate contacted me that day. Ms. Brooks has always exhibited wholesome and professional values to my family (especially my wife). It is noted that we have never met her but her attitude to help exceeded traditional standards. Now back to Mr. Pate, who prior to instructing me to turn myself in to the Federal government explained that he is well knowledgeable and experienced with the Federal law. Which is quite an understatement. When I finally met Mr. Pate at my bond hearing he exuded a sense of confidence that only God could give. Mr. Pate according to my family prayed with them. Mr. Pate explained to me our purpose of this hearing was not to seek a bond but knowledge about my case. He was up front that I would not be granted a bond but this information could possibly lead to winning the war. I must add this as well to further show the complexity of my case... This was my second Federal charge. Mr. Pate and his Law firm were fighting an uphill battle. Mr. Pate filed a motion to suppress the evidence which I felt was accurate and precise with current law. Then the Government responded with some alleged wiretaps from me that was not mentioned before to attempt to substantiate probable cause. Mr. Pate came and explained the dynamics of this issue to my case. Yet we proceeded to the hearing, and again Mr. Pate said we will gain knowledge to win the war verses attempting to win the motion to suppress hearing. Following the hearing Mr. Pate and I through God were showed the wiretaps being assigned to an unknown male not me. Mr. Pate aggressively pointed this out to the court that the agent was lying six months later the court decided against me. I have to mention the wealth of confusion that I prayed for regarding this case...I prayed that God utilizes Mr. Pate and expose the lies. First Mr. Pate sought out a favorable deal of two years which I refused, which was great considering I was a two time offender with the Federal Government. But my God intervened then the Government responded by offering me life. Be careful what you pray for...I asked for the lies to be exposed. So it went from hard to impossible. I will not suggest what I did next to anyone else...unless you are blessed by God like Mr. Pate and I were...we proceeded to trial. I asked Mr. Pate to fight for my life as if it was his. His response was Vert I will. I told him I will pray and God will deliver. Let's trust God. He agreed. God showed up because Mr. Pate and his firm (Mr. Jess Johnson included) researched the agent and presented only a God sent defense. Mr. Pate exposed the overly aggressive prosecuting of me due to my past through lying witnesses; the agent lying about his credentials and bolstering evidence. Mr. Pate also engaged the jurors attention while fighting my case. God utilized Mr. Pate to obtain two Not Guilty verdicts for me when both of my co defendants were found guilty of all counts. I walked out of the courthouse immediately with Mr. Pate upon acquittal! God sent! With God and Mr. Pate's law firm how can you go wrong! Blessed."

Vert W., a former client   
“Page and his firm worked tirelessly, diligently, and professionally at all times,  

leaving no stone unturned. After interviewing countless attorneys, my husband and I hired Mr. Pate's firm to defend against unfortunate and serious criminal charges brought against him in 2006. (He is a family practice physician in Northeast GA.) These charges not only threatened to end his medical career after 20+ years of training & experience, but shook the very foundation of our family itself. After a lengthy legal battle lasting almost 6-years, his case finally went to trial with proceedings lasting 3 days. After only a brief 25 minutes of deliberation, the jurors returned a NOT GUILTY verdict. Mr. Pate worked tirelessly, diligently, and professionally at all times, leaving no stone unturned. He always patiently & thoroughly answered our questions, returned our phone calls immediately, and offered us strength, honesty, and hope during very difficult days. While our family lost much sleep during those challenging years, we rested soundly knowing that Page Pate was our attorney. He made us feel as if he were fighting not only for my husband's career as a doctor, but whole-heartedly for our family every step of the way. My husband looks forward to many years of continuing to meet the needs of his patients in our community as he feels God has called him to do, and I as a wife and mother of 3 little ones can enjoy peace-of-mind as we look forward to brighter days ahead. Thank you, Mr. Pate!

Tonette R., wife of a former client   
“Forever Grateful.  

Mr. Pate, Mr. Johnson, and Emily worked very hard for me over the course of three and a half long years in a very complex drug case. Initially, my situation was seemingly hopeless and the best offer the DA had was for me was to serve 10 years in a Georgia state prison. I have some health issues and next to no street smarts and I was completely petrified of having to serve this very hard time. Mr. Pate and his team were very patient and compassionate with me throughout this dark time in my life and they always returned my emails and calls within 24 hours. I was so impressed with Mr. Pate’s professionalism, experience, legal connections, and sincere desire to get me the best outcome to my case as possible. He even accompanied me to Los Angeles twice in order to get my case transferred from the state to the federal level so that I would be able to serve much less and easier time. I was just sentenced to a year and a day in a minimum security federal prison camp and am very happy with this outcome. I highly recommend the Pate Law Firm to anyone who is in need of serious legal assistance and I will feel forever grateful to Mr. Pate and his team."

Todd H., a former client   
“Page’s reputation is well deserved.  

I was charged with several felonies and felt that, if convicted, my life would be over. The period between investigation until arrest was close to two years, then almost another year for indictment. I had representation from an attorney who had done much business-related work for me in the past, but after reflecting on it, decided this matter was beyond his capabilities. I contacted Page, who spent quite a bit of time during our initial phone conversation listening and offering his opinion regarding my case. I had decided to hire him before I even made the phone call, but I felt even better after our first face-to-face meeting. I left his office knowing that I had the best possible legal representation. After he received my file from the DA in the county in which I was charged, he immediately found problems with the case. In every phone call he gave me realistic expectations and possible outcomes. The best phone call was the one where he informed me that, after much back-and-forth with the DA, all charges had been dismissed before trial. I know every case is different, but I never even set foot in a courtroom because of Page's expert handling of my case. Page's reputation is well-deserved."

Chris B., a former client   
“We were treated the best right from the very beginning.  

In 2011, I was sent to prison for lack of proper defense from an Attorney not related to the Pate Law Firm. My wife hired Mr. Pate and his associates in 2012. Mr. Pate went to work on my case immediately and found flaws the courts had made from my original trial. He went to court and pointed out to the Judge where she had made a mistake and we were granted an appeal. Now we were on for another trial. I was granted an appeals bond while waiting trial. All due to Mr. Pate and his associates. Believe me when I say hiring the right attorney from the beginning is the most important thing to do. Pates firm is the best and no way could anyone go wrong hiring these people. You want someone to work hard and be committed to you and to your best interest, Pates firm is the one for you. Due to postponements for one reason or another, it was 2014 before we were able to go to trial. Mr. Pate had the fire and was ready for a fight. Well, to make a long story short, l am at home with the most important person in my life. Many thanks go out to Mr. Pate and all his people. For we were treated the best right from the very beginning and all the way to the end. We owe it to him and his firm."

Willie J., a former client   
“Page Pate is a sincere, caring, outstanding attorney.  

who was passionate about my case from the beginning to the successful end. He is very professional and involved in every aspect of the case, always keeping me and my family advised as the proceedings progressed and quickly responding to all our concerns. His obvious knowledge of the Federal judicial system was crucial in allaying our fears and giving us hope and confidence in the future. We will always be grateful that he gave us our lives back and highly recommend him to all."

Don F., a former client   
“I walked out of the courtroom that day on my own accord and went home with my family.  

Page is your man. I owe a year of my life to Mr. Page Pate – when I stepped into the courtroom about a month and a half ago I was pretty confident that I would be facing a 1 year prison sentence. My family and I had already come to terms with the fact that that would most likely be the outcome. Page had met and discussed with the DA in length about my case, and unfortunately the state was not willing to offer any lower sentence. Page was able to convince the judge to listen to our plea, however, and a hearing was scheduled.

The day of my sentencing hearing was easily the most stressful day of my life. I was confident that Page was going to get me the best possible outcome, but I have to admit I was expecting the worst. When I stood in front of the judge and DA, and Page began to speak on my behalf, I had all but a shred of hope left. The judge carefully listened to Page speak and took a few minutes to think and review the case. Unfortunately, he did not see how he could give me anything less than the minimum 1 year prison sentence, based on similar cases. And this is where the magic happened. Mr. Page Pate had done his homework, and he knew the law. He quickly brought to the attention of the Judge the fact that there were exceptions and the one year time served was NOT necessarily the lowest sentence. It seemed that even the judge was not aware of this, and provided a 15 minute “break” to allow Page to collect the evidence necessary to prove this. Mr. Pate quickly left the courtroom and returned after only a few minutes with a look of sheer confidence on his face, and I knew at this time that he was my savior.
Long story short – I walked out of the courtroom that day on my own accord and went home with my family. Absolutely NO jail time. I can never thank him enough for that. If not for Page I would be facing the cruel realities of state prison right now, but instead I have been able to continue working and living my life to the best that I can.

Without a doubt I would recommend Page to anyone facing serious criminal charges. And I will certainly give him another call if I have any more hiccups in my future. His performance in the courtroom was impressive, and it was abundantly clear how well trained and intelligent of an attorney he is. Obviously, there is no way he can guarantee favorable outcomes for every case, but I fervently believe that if you have hired Page as your attorney, you can rest assured knowing that he will do everything in his power to represent you and get you the results that you need and deserve. I can only hope that this review even attempts to show my gratitude and respect for the man. Thank you so much Mr. Pate!!”

John M., a former client   
“Words cannot express my sincere gratitude.  

Our business had an issue with the Attorney General in the state of Georgia. Page Pate and his team were able to squash the issue. We were facing possible criminal prosecution. Words cannot express my sincere gratitude."

Marc H., a business owner   
“Page Pate is the right choice.  

On July 1st 2009 I resigned from a 25 year law enforcement career in lieu of termination. I had reached an emotional breakdown creating a long running set of circumstances that went from negligence in my performance to the exposure of actions perceived to be criminal behavior. This brought humiliation to my agency and my family as these events became media worthy snowballing out of control. After several months I found myself on the opposite side of the criminal justice system I once championed. Although I never viewed my actions to be criminal, I had no trouble seeing how the Police Department could reach such a conclusion. In short, I felt responsible for the performance that brought such negative publicity to the Gwinnett County Police Department and had no desire to dispute charges which revolved around my inability to properly document my actions. I accepted their interpretation and did not seek legal counsel. This decision was against the advice of my family and proved to be a mistake. Fortunately for me, my family had been researching attorneys who specialize in representation of law enforcement officials. In May of 2010 I found myself in the middle of an investigation that grown from a documentation issue to implications of serious criminal allegations. In March of 2011 I received notice that the Gwinnett County Police were seeking indictment for these serious allegations. It was at this time and at my family's urging that II agreed to hire an attorney to protect my interest. My family members had long known the attorney they felt was suited for my situation and that attorney was Page Pate. I reviewed a long list of very impressive credentials and agreed to meet with Mr. Pate. Having had 25 years of exposure to court room procedures, I had an idea as to the character and demeanor I would hope to see in the person who would speak on my behalf and represent me. From the moment I met Mr. Pate I knew he met my every expectation. His persona was professional, knowledgeable and caring. He took the time to understand not only my point of view but each member of my family's as well. He understood that I was not trying to avoid responsibilities for my actions but to ensure that I would be afforded a fair and just accounting. I felt no judgment from Mr. Pate while knowing his integrity would not be compromised. He showed compassion for my family and provided a confidence that brought self-assurance that I had someone in my corner. In the courtroom Page Pate has a low key articulate demeanor that is respectful to the court and his counterparts while boldly defending his clients. For more than a year Page Pate delivered on every court appearance and his counsel was 100% accurate. He exceeded every expectation I could have hoped for in an attorney. It was the intention of the District Attorney's Office and the Police Department that I would be incarcerated. Mr. Pate negotiated a plea that both sides could agree upon. I was not acquitted but feel I received a just outcome that allows me to accept responsibility for those things I was responsible for and not punished for those I was not. Page Pate earned every dime he was paid for my representation leaving me feeling like he actually deserved more. His credentials speak for themselves but if the voice of a person on the wrong end of the criminal justice system counts, he is the right choice."

David B., a former client   
“A not guilty verdict on all charges.  

Words really can’t describe the awesome work that i received out of Mr. Pate. I hired this "Super Lawyer" to handle some super false allegations. I was arrested back in january on a 7 count indictment. I researched alot of lawyers and decided to go with Mr.Pate,and what a great decision.Mr Pate returned my call immediately and briefly discussed the case. We were in and out of court all year until November 1st when mr pate came to court early after staying up late researching similiar cases to find there had been a huge mistake in a earlier ruling the jury came back in about 15 minutes with a not guilty verdict on all charges...In Pates own words "hard work pays off, we never quit".Thanks a lot PAGE"

Barry M., a former client   
“Mr. Pate was communicative and expressed sincerity in acting in my best interests.  

I hired Mr. Pate's law firm on a recommendation after having dismissed another law firm who I did not believe was acting in my best interests... financially and legally. Something that is important to me is communication, especially concerning my family and business interests. To that effect, Mr. Pate was communicative and expressed sincerity in acting in my best interests. He returned calls promptly and never had me feel less than in my questioning of issues concerning my circumstance. End result: a potential case that could have blossomed into a full blown criminal legal case and an ensuing expensive trial, never got off the ground and all legal issues evaporated. What more is there to say. If I ever need legal representation again (hopefully I will not) I would not hesitate to use Mr. Pate's firm again!"

Paul S., a former client   
“I highly recommend Page to anyone needing his help.  

I am a member of a fraternal organization that was facing a serious federal charge that could have resulted in the loss of all of our assets including building and land. Further, it could have resulted in individuals facing felony charges. With Page's diligence and tenacity no individuals were charged and we were able to keep the bulk of our assets allowing us to continue as an organization. Page was very accessible when called with questions. I highly recommend Page to anyone needing his help."

Don G., a former client   
“He exceeded our expectations in a case that had many challenges.  

Our family hired Mr. Pate after diligently investigating attorneys with a high success rate in defending public officials and police officers. His interpersonal skills are extraordinaire! We felt comfortable sharing everything with Mr. Pate. In defending my brother, Mr. Pate brought more to the table than just his legal knowledge and advice. As a lieutenant in the Special Investigations Section (SIS) of one of the largest counties in the U.S., my brother was presented with additional complications by facing the same Criminal Justice environment in which he once belonged. However, Mr. Pate was 100% correct on every step and every piece of advice along the way. We truly know he always had our best interest at heart. He took the time to understand all of the circumstances surrounding the accusations and parties involved; which allowed him to fully understand the political and emotional challenges as well. Not only was he attentive to my brother's needs, he also supported the entire family and never made us feel like we could not approach him with any questions. Most importantly, Mr. Pate did not judge my brother's mistakes, and we knew he would remain confidential with everything that was shared. He always returned our calls and emails and was very responsive. Our goal was to keep my brother from going spending time behind bars, while at the same time avoid a trial that would result in a media blitz. He succeeded. Mr. Pate was able to settle with the District Attorney's office prior to going to trial and ensured my brother's rights were protected. Mr. Pate is definitely the right attorney for any one. His integrity, honesty, diligence, knowledge, communication, responsiveness, experience, and perseverance paid off. We highly recommend his law office. He exceeded our expectations in a case that had many challenges, including political and emotional."

Bino G., sister of a former client   
“The delicacy, professionalism and ethical approach taken by him and his office was second to none.  

Without going into too many details about my case, I can tell you that I was extremely impressed at how Page was able to prove my innocence without hurting anyone in the process. This was a difficult situation to be in, I can tell you first hand! The delicacy, professionalism and ethical approach taken by him and his office was second to none. Throughout the process, I found myself becoming bitter with the "State" and the "alleged victim", wanting to change my situation from a "defensive to offensive" scenario. Page, was very good about explaining why this was not a good idea and helped to keep me on track with the overall objective. I am sure that Page probably doesn't want to get very "personal" with his "clients" but when someone does their job with the ethics that he demonstrated throughout my case, there is no way a life-long friendship cannot be established."

Matt K., a former client   
“His firm was very responsive to every call and email.  

I cannot express enough gratitude for Mr. Pate and Mr. Johnson who helped resolve a multiple charge, numerous count criminal indictment. I was at the airport about to board a plane out of the county last Christmas when my family and I were pulled out of line at the gate and asked to follow several Customs and Border police. We had no idea what was going on, but I was later told that there was a warrant out for my arrest for a laundry list of criminal charges. After the shock and confusion settled in, I was told that I would be handcuffed and taken to jail to be processed. Fortunately, when the CAB police called APD to come get me, they said they were understaffed and told them to release me. The CAB spoke to the airlines and helped us get on the next flight to our originally planned location out of the country. Needless to say, we could not enjoy our holiday considering what just happened at the airport. The CAB police who were extremely pleasant and respectful about everything & kept telling me to make sure I find out what the charges were all about and get it handled asap. Well, the first thing I did when I landed and got to my hotel was get online and research top criminal lawyers in Atlanta. I reached out to several who had represented high end clients, were considered super lawyers and appeared to have successful track records. I also read through all the previous client reviews to get a sense of which ones felt like a potential winner in my "gut". After narrowing the list to 3 attorneys, I emailed them and waited for responses. Two of the attorney's, including Mr. Pate's office responded quickly and asked that I schedule time to meet once I returned to Atlanta. I spoke and met directly with both attorneys. Mr. Pate was indeed the more impressive. His demeanor, confidence yet non-cocky nature and expertise about criminal law was exactly what I was looking for. He seemed to be the best match. This was my first time dealing with criminal court so I was extremely nervous and just ignorant of the process. Mr. Pate and Mr. Johnson kept me timely informed of everything and was clear, concise and very direct (which I prefer) about my case and possible outcomes. His firm was very responsive to every call and email and although I typically have a hard time trusting anyone, I truly felt like he did his best in representing me and throughout the span of my case, he earned my trust. Now, for the awesome news...... the prosecutor offered a plea of 1 year jail time and 5 years probation for me as a first time offender. Mr. Pate was able to get me NO JAIL TIME and 3 years probation and this was resolved in 3.5 months!! I cannot tell you how ecstatic me and my family are about the outcome. It is very rare in life when you meet a total stranger that you pay an enormous amount of money to and blindly trust, for the sole purpose of helping you get out of some deep criminal $&*! with little to no harsh consequences, and the total stranger actually comes through for you all while being extremely professional and providing quality services. Who knew that these kinds of people still exist in the world? It was quite a challenge for me to come up with the fees needed asap to hire him, but in retrospect it was well worth it. Keeping your freedom and getting a second chance is priceless. Thank you so much Mr. Pate and Mr. Johnson. You are both life savers! Both lawyers are highly knowledgeable, experienced, articulate, polished, very handsome, exude confidence and charm with lots of swag, excellent communication skills and suave courtroom presence which are key factors for success in the art of negotiation. They have also worked with several of the prosecutors and judges in various counties which is also a positive factor. HIRE THEM WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT. I'M SURE GLAD I DID."

Nashawna H., a former client   
“Could not speak more highly of an attorney.  

He is direct and honest, and sincerely passionate about his obligation to his clients - and I have had as much courtroom time as defendant than many practicing attorneys (reckless youth, I just forgot to grow up). He is direct and honest, and sincerely passionate about his obligation to his clients. Successfully defended me on two occasions, one of which was a federal trial, resulting a directed verdict of acquittal from the judge before the jury had time for lunch. This is not a frequent occurrence in Federal court. If you are in the unfortunate position of facing prosecution on a serious case, assume everything you know is wrong, trust no one, and hire Page Pate. That's the sum of everything I learned from the justice system."

Travis H., a former client