If you are aware of a company that has defrauded the federal government, the experienced whistleblower attorneys at our firm can help you report the fraud and potentially earn a large financial reward. Over the past two years, we helped our clients recover many millions in settlements.

Our whistleblower attorneys have successfully represented clients in whistleblower matters across the United States. Our firm has offices in Atlanta GA, Alexandria VA, and Washington DC, and we frequently travel to other federal courts to help whistleblowers recover rewards.

Learn the 7 steps to a whistleblower reward

Under the False Claims Act, whistleblower attorneys can help people with knowledge or evidence of a company cheating the federal government out of money can report the fraud and receive a monetary award.

In this video, Page Pate explains the process of how a whistleblower attorney can help someone file a whistleblower lawsuit and earn a reward from the government.

Most people who are looking for experienced whistleblower attorneys have questions about the process. Here are the three most common questions, and our answers:

Who can file a whistleblower claim?

How do I file a whistleblower lawsuit?

How much are whistleblowers paid?

While there are many different kinds of whistleblowers, the federal government is most interested in rewarding people who report companies that are cheating the government by (1) submitting false invoices or bills to the government, (2) receiving federal money or benefits to which the company was not entitled, (3) failing to follow specific guidelines in contracts between the company and the government, or (4) providing misleading information to the government to avoid paying the company’s legal obligations.

Fraud against the federal government occurs in many different industries. Most of the cases filed by a whistleblower lawyer involve companies that have cheated the government in healthcare billing, government contracts and procurement, banks and financial service businesses, and manufacturers and importers who evade special customs duties. If you are looking for a whistleblower attorney to help you in a case involving workplace safety, you may want to review our information on OSHA whistleblower protection.

“I am still thanking God every day for Page Pate and Jess Johnson and their belief in me”  

Page Pate and his partner Jess Johnson are top notch! Both are brilliant attorneys with incredible integrity. Page represented me in a successful 5 year long Whistleblower False Claims Act Case. Despite his busy schedule and prestigious reputation as one of the best Federal Trial Lawyers in the US, Page was unbelievably polite, respectful and took the time to listen, explain the process in its entirety and answer any questions. Page saw the potential of my case where the others didn’t. He and Jess worked very long hours preparing the claim, researching, making phone calls and attending meetings with me to assist the DOJ. I am still thanking God every day for Page Pate and Jess Johnson and their belief in me and their ability to make a $25M case out of what other expert Qui Tam attorneys saw as impossible.

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