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ur Experience - Pate and Johnson Law Firm

Experience where it counts, in the courtroom.

We have been winning serious criminal and civil cases in courts across the United States for over twenty years.

We do not limit our practice to one narrow legal area or a specific type of case. Instead, we focus our efforts on serious criminal and civil cases that are going to be resolved in court. Our experience is in the courtroom, and that’s what really matters in a contested case.

If a case is expected to end up in a courtroom, we believe that the client is best served by a lawyer with strong trial skills and a winning record in court, regardless of the specific legal issues involved.

Of course, some cases will benefit from the advice of an expert who specializes in a particular legal area. For those cases, we will retain or associate a lawyer with that kind of background to assist us with the research or case preparation at no additional cost to the client. That way, our focus can remain on what happens in court, and on how we can win the case if it goes to trial.

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