Civil Litigation

Trial lawyers who get results.

Our trial attorneys have successfully handled a number of different types of civil litigation matters over the past 20 years. Our civil practice is limited to assisting other lawyers and their clients with significant civil cases that are likely to go to trial. Our experience in trying difficult criminal cases gives our lawyers an advantage over civil attorneys who focus only on quick, small settlements and rarely, if ever, go to trial.

We do not accept a large volume of civil cases, and we intentionally limit our practice to only a few clients at any one time. That allows our trial lawyers to dedicate the time, attention and resources necessary to help our clients win or successfully resolve their case.

Our civil practice:

Our main office is in Atlanta, but we help clients with civil cases in courts across Georgia. We have also assisted clients in federal civil litigation, especially constitutional and civil rights cases, in several other states.

If you need an experienced trial attorney to represent you or a loved one in a serious civil case, you are invited to contact our office by telephone or email to discuss your case with one of our trial lawyers. There is never a charge for the initial consultation.

Our recent results in civil cases:

Helped our client and the federal government successfully conclude a whistleblower case against an import company that had been avoiding payment of anti-dumping duties. The defendant paid a total of $10.5 million to resolve our whistleblower claim.
(U.S. ex rel. Wells v. Bassett Mirror Company)

Successfully resolved a qui tam whistleblower lawsuit against a major U.S. furniture retailer involving allegations of customs fraud. The retailer paid the government a total of $15 million to settle the case before trial.
(U.S. ex rel. Wells v. Z Gallerie)

Obtained a $4,910,000 IRS whistleblower award for a client who reported a company that engaged in illegal tax fraud.
(Ebix Inc.)

Helped a client win a $1.95 million whistleblower award for reporting Medicare fraud involving a radiology billing company.
(U.S. ex rel. Vaughn v. Medical Business Services, Inc.)

Won a $100,000 settlement for our clients who were the victims of an illegal search by police.
(Treat v. Lowe, et al.)

Successfully resolved a civil false arrest case for a client who was arrested after a false report and inadequate investigation by a private business. The client received a substantial monetary award when the case was settled confidentially before a lawsuit was filed.
(Confidential Settlement, 2013)

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