Serious Injuries

Serious Injuries and Wrongful Death

If you or a family member has been seriously injured through the fault of another person or business, you will have no shortage of lawyers who want to help you.

Successfully handling a serious injury or wrongful death case, however, requires a special type of law firm – one that has the necessary expertise and financial resources to help you get the best result at trial or through negotiated settlement.

Find out why we prepare every case for trial, and how it helps us get great results for our clients.

Lawyers who want to help people who have been seriously injured must be able to devote a significant amount of time, financial resources and expertise to the case from the very beginning. Our firm has the experience, skill and resources to help people who have been tragically injured or killed through the negligence of others. We have been particularly successful in the following area:

Our law firm is currently involved in several serious claims relating to injuries to children that have occurred at daycare or other supervised learning centers. Unfortunately, we have also had clients call us with horrible stories about abuse that has occurred at different daycare facilities around the state. Our lawyers have been extraordinarily successful in investigating these claims, filing lawsuits when necessary, and helping our clients and their children recover from their injuries and get back to their lives. We are familiar with the legal requirements for settling cases involving minors, and have helped our clients navigate through the probate courts in structuring financial recoveries in these cases.

Recently, our trial lawyers have also been involved in serious injury and wrongful death cases arising out of hazardous conditions at businesses, apartments, residences, and public facilities. Premise liability claims can present challenges relating both to liability and damages. To establish liability, our firm has been able to focus on what the property owners should have done to make their facilities safe for the public. To maximize damages, premise liability cases often require a jury trial because the settlement offers are generally too low to adequately cover our clients’ losses. Our extensive jury trial experience allows us to pursue these claims with diligence and success.

Before you choose a law firm to represent you in a serious injury or wrongful death case, we suggest that you research the credentials of a few top trial firms and then make an appointment to visit with the lawyers at their offices. Of course, we think that after visiting our office and meeting with our experienced trial attorneys and dedicated staff, you will be confident that we are the right firm for you.

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