Who Can Be a Whistleblower?

Who can be a whistleblower under the False Claims Act? Anyone who is aware of fraud being committed against the federal government and is willing to bring a whistleblower lawsuit under the False Claims Act to help the government recover the money. With the help of an experienced attorney, a whistleblower can earn a substantial financial reward for bringing a valid claim and assisting the government in recovering the lost funds.

Our firm has helped whistleblowers recover millions and we can help you determine if you have a good whistleblower claim. All you need to do is take just a few minutes to call or email us for a free and completely confidential discussion about your potential claim.

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What does it take to be a whistleblower and earn a reward?

  1. Are you aware of a company that has done any of the following:
    • Charged the federal government for products or services that the company did not actually provide;
    • Used money provided by the federal government in an unauthorized manner;
    • Done something that may have violated a government contract to provide goods or services (like using substandard products or unqualified employees); or
    • Failed to pay money that it owes to the federal government (like customs duties, over-payments)?
  2. Did any of the fraud occur within the last six years?
  3. Is the total amount of money the federal government lost as a result of this fraud at least $500,000?
  4. Do you have any documents or data to show that this fraud occurred? Or did you or someone you know witness the fraud in some way?
  5. Is this fraud still unknown to the government? (You generally cannot bring a whistleblower claim if the fraud was disclosed to the government by someone else or if the fraud is already public knowledge.)

If you qualify, the next step is to contact our experienced whistleblower attorneys to discuss your potential claim in complete confidence. We will give you our opinion about the merits of your claim, advise you of any potential risks or concerns, and help you file a compelling lawsuit that will persuade the government to act on your claim so that you can recover the maximum monetary award allowed under the law.

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A recent review from one of our whistleblower clients on avvo.com:

“The absolute best Whistleblower Attorney you can hire!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

$15M Settlement! Page is an amazing, brilliant and exceptionally talented attorney. He represented me in a Whistleblower False Claims Act case which resulted in a $15M settlement with Z Gallerie, a major US furniture retailer who evaded paying anti-dumping duties to US Customs and Border Protection for many years. My award was a life changing $2.4 Million. Page has long standing, established relationships with the Department of Justice and knows exactly how to navigate the complexities of pursuing such a case with the government. The detailed and precise complaint he prepared and submitted to the US Department of Justice is one for the record books, truly amazing. The Government immediately took up the case with much enthusiasm. Page was engaged with the US Attorneys throughout the entire process. Words alone can not express the gratitude I have for Page Pate!”

Kelly W., a former client

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If you think you may have information relating to fraud against the federal government, contact our firm to see if you qualify under the government’s whistleblower definition.

Page Pate is personally available to answer any questions you may have about the federal whistleblower laws or the process of filing a whistleblower complaint. Page will also give you his honest assessment of your case and tell you how he thinks you should proceed. There is never any cost or obligation for this initial consultation, and it is completely confidential and protected by law.