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Our federal lawyers in Alexandria have decades of experience in federal criminal defense, constitutional rights litigation, and whistleblower representation across the United States. To better serve our clients in Virginia, we now have a staffed office in Alexandria.

Attorneys Page Pate and Jess Johnson are fully licensed to practice law in all Virginia courts. We are also fortunate to have Cary Citronberg associated with our firm in our Alexandria office. Cary has many years of experience in successfully resolving criminal cases in Virginia, including cases involving allegations of computer theft and fraud, child pornography, money laundering, drug conspiracy, health care fraud, and many other serious federal crimes.

Our office in Alexandria is located close to the main United States Courthouse for the Eastern District of Virginia, and we are a quick metro ride from all DC courts and federal offices. We also assist clients in cases pending in the federal courts in Richmond, Norfolk, and Newport News. Our federal appeals lawyers can also help clients with appeals pending in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. 

If you need help with a serious federal or state criminal case in Virginia, or need assistance in constitutional rights litigation or whistleblower representation, contact us now to discuss your case in complete confidence with one of our Virginia lawyers.

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