New healthcare fraud indictment charges doctors and DME executives with bribery and kickback allegations

On April 9. 2019,, the Department of Justice announced healthcare fraud arrests of 24 individuals, including doctors and executives at telemedicine and durable medical equipment (DME) companies. Theses arrests are the result of federal charges relating to alleged bribes and illegal kickbacks. The government’s allegations describe a federal healthcare fraud scheme within which doctors at…

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Racketeering Charges and Likely Defenses in “Operation Varsity Blues” Indictment

Today, federal prosecutors made headlines when they announced that the government has charged fifty people with racketeering, fraud, bribery, and money laundering offenses. The government is accusing these individuals of participating in an alleged college admissions scheme through which the defendants helped students get into elite universities by helping them cheat on exams and bribing…

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Will Manafort Get a Pardon?

TRANSCRIPT: Robyn: CNN legal analyst Page Pate is here with me now to discuss all of this. Great to have you in the studio. Page: Thank you. Robyn: So, after all of this time with the Mueller investigation working on all of this with Paul Manafort, it appears that the President intends to pardon him…

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