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Giuliani Attacks Mueller Investigation

March 29, 2018
TRANSCRIPT: Fredricka: Joining me right now CNN legal analyst and constitutional attorney, Page Pate. All right, so Page, what is there to that strategy that perhaps this is, you know, to taint public opinion, as much as it can with the, you know, bully pulpit that the White House has, to potentially avert any legal […]

Tex McIver Murder Trial Analysis

March 27, 2018
TRANSCRIPT: Michaela: The star witness in a high-profile murder trial is finally finished with several days of pretty grueling testimony. Tex McIver is accused of intentionally shooting his wife in the back as they drove through Atlanta. The only witness to this, Dani Jo Carter. She was driving the moment her best friend was shot. […]

Our firm helps nurses file whistleblower lawsuit and expose Medicare fraud at hospices

March 25, 2018
Our experienced whistleblower attorneys helped secure a victory for our clients, the taxpayers and advocates for the elderly when a hospice company entered into a settlement with the federal government to resolve a whistleblower lawsuit that alleged Medicare fraud. Our firm represented two nurses who exposed fraudulent billing practices of their former employer, Compassionate Care […

Whistleblower lawsuit leads to $66 million settlement in procurement fraud case

March 24, 2018
The Department of Justice recently announced a big settlement with a Japanese manufacturer in a serious case of government procurement fraud. Japanese manufacturer Toyoba has promised to pay $66 million to resolve two lawsuits brought against them under the False Claims Act. According to the lawsuits, Toyoba and an American distributor, Second Chance Body Armor, […]

Compounding pharmacy owners charged with healthcare fraud and money laundering

March 5, 2018
Federal prosecutors in the Southern District of Texas recently announced a 17-count indictment of three individuals accused of healthcare fraud, money laundering, and violating the federal anti-kickback statute. The indictment accuses George and Marene Tompkins, an elderly couple who owned a compounding pharmacy in Houston, of paying illegal kickbacks to Anoop Chaturvedi in exchange…




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