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Increased FCPA Enforcement Expected under Biden and AG Garland

March 24, 2021
The recent trend towards increasing enforcement of anti-bribery provisions of the FCPA is expected to continue or even accelerate under the new Biden administration. The 1977 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (or “FCPA”) prohibits people and companies in the U.S. from paying bribes to foreign officials to support their business interests. The various provisions of the […]

Can I Be Arrested for Selling Delta 8 Products?

March 22, 2021
Yes. It is possible to get arrested for selling Delta-8 products, even though there may be a good argument that the product you are selling is lawful. The problem is that some law enforcement agencies are under the impression that any edible containing Delta-8 is not protected by the hemp exemption under the 2018 Farm […]

What is a Brady Violation?

March 12, 2021
A “Brady Violation” is what happens when the prosecutors in a criminal case fail to perform their constitutional duty to turn over helpful evidence to the people they have charged with crimes. Everyone has the right to due process and a fair trial. Because of that, when the Government has evidence suggesting a person is either […]

Paulding County DA Indicted in Georgia

March 2, 2021
Criminal defense attorney and legal analyst, Page Pate, has been handling serious criminal and civil cases in Georgia and throughout the country for over twenty-five years. On occasion, Page is contacted by both national and local media to provide his opinion and analysis of important legal issues appearing in the news.  11 Alive News contacted […]




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