Paulding County DA Indicted in Georgia

Paulding DA Indicted

Criminal defense attorney and legal analyst, Page Pate, has been handling serious criminal and civil cases in Georgia and throughout the country for over twenty-five years. On occasion, Page is contacted by both national and local media to provide his opinion and analysis of important legal issues appearing in the news. 

11 Alive News contacted Page to discuss the indictment of Paulding County, Georgia District Attorney Donald Richard “Dick” Donovan for bribery, false swearing, and violation of oath by public officer, as a result of sexual harassment allegations made against him by an employee in his office. 

Page tells 11 Alive that he believes the county and insurance company settled the case for “about $300,000.” He also explains that he is unsure that the bribery charge against Mr. Donovan will be successful, saying “I think what the D.A. did was clearly inappropriate, but I think it may be a stretch to call it bribery under Georgia law.” 

Regarding the violation of oath charge against Mr. Donovan, Page says that he thinks “the argument could clearly be made that by his conduct with this employee, he was violating the oath he took as an elected district attorney.”


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