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Domino’s Pizza driver indicted for vehicular homicide in Macon, Georgia

November 20, 2008
A delivery driver for Domino’s Pizza was recently charged with vehicular homicide for causing the death of a 21 year old woman on May 17 of this year in a traffic accident in Macon Georgia. The driver was allegedly under the influence of both alcohol and marijuana at the time of the accident. The Macon […]

Georgia criminal lawyers applaud new kidnapping decison by state supreme court

November 16, 2008
A recent decision in Georgia helps clarify what is required to sustain a kidnapping conviction. In Garza v. State, the Supreme Court of Georgia reversed the kidnapping convictions of Joey Garza, since the movements of his two victims were not adequate to constitute kidnapping under Georgia law. According to the facts of the case, Garza […]

Inadequate security decision by Georgia appeals court upholds jury verdict against bar

November 16, 2008
In Georgia, a bar can sometimes be held liable for injuries suffered by bystanders when a fight breaks out. In Mulligan’s Bar & Grill v. Stanfield, the Court of Appeals affirmed a jury verdict in favor of Bruce Stanfield who filed suit against Mulligan’s Bar & Grill and the owner of the bar after being […]

Georgia courts require specific performance of certain shareholder agreements

November 15, 2008
The Georgia Court of Appeals has decided a case involving specific performance of a shareholder agreement that may be important to small and closely held corporations in Georgia. In Clausen v. Intercat, the Court of Appeals agreed with a trial court order which granted summary judgment to Intercat Inc. for specific performance of a shareholder […]

Prosecutor and defense attorney make closing arguments in Brian Nichols’ murder trial in Atlanta

November 5, 2008
It’s getting close to the end. The prosecutor and defense lawyer have started their closing arguments in the Brian Nichols’ murder trial in Atlanta. After the arguments, Judge Bodiford will instruct the jury on the relevant legal principles (often a point of contention among the lawyers). Then, it’s in the jury’s hands. The Atlanta Journal […]




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