Travel Act Prosecutions on the Rise in Federal Court

Federal prosecutors are initiating cases under the Travel Act more frequently in recent months. The latest conviction announced on such charges may also signal that the Department of Justice is beginning to use this legislation to prosecute a broader spectrum of criminal activity Eric Samuel Jarvis, a defense attorney in Texas, was charged by information…

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Is it illegal to use a fake vaccination card?

  TRANSCRIPT: My name is Page Pate, and I’ve been practicing federal criminal law for over 25 years. I’ve been asked recently if it’s legal to use those fake vaccine cards that you can get off the internet. No, it is not legal. In fact, it can be a federal crime to possess or use…

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Law Enforcement Now Using Wiretaps for Facebook, Instagram

Investigators in at least one state have sought and received court authorization to wiretap communication apps and social media sites rather than traditional landlines or cell phones. Popular social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram (which is now owned by Facebook) have continually been updated over the years to add new ways people can…

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