Will the MORE Act Help People Already Convicted of Marijuana Crimes?

Yes. Under the MORE Act, marijuana legalization would be retroactive for many individuals by allowing people with prior federal marijuana convictions to get their criminal records expunged and allowing certain inmates serving prison time for federal marijuana offenses to get their sentences reduced or vacated. The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act, known as the…

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Arrests Made in International Trade Fraud Case in Houston, Texas

Eight people were charged with international trade fraud by prosecutors in Houston, Texas. The federal indictment alleges a decade-long international trade fraud scheme in which two of the defendants, through their Texas-based tire company, imported rubber tires from Chinese manufacturers while submitting false information to the government in order to avoid paying customs duties. This…

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Money Laundering and “Cybercrime” Charges Brought Against QQAAZZ

The Department of Justice recently announced the unsealing of indictments in the Western District of Pennsylvania against 20 individuals for conspiring to launder money and commit computer fraud. The defendants located throughout 5 European countries allegedly laundered or attempted to launder tens of millions of dollars stolen from victims of cybercrime as members of the QQAAZZ organization. …

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