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Atlanta DA sues Justice Department for records in potential police excessive force case

January 18, 2019
Pate & Johnson has successfully represented many individuals who have been victims of excessive police force. Attorney Page Pate is recognized as both a constitutional and criminal defense attorney and is frequently contacted by the media for his opinion on current legal issues and cases in the news. In this case, the Fulton County District […]

Michael Flynn prosecution suggests more foreign agent prosecutions

January 18, 2019
For over 20 years, Pate & Johnson has represented people charged in serious federal criminal cases. Attorney Page Pate, who is recognized as a legal analyst, is sometimes contacted by media to discuss important cases appearing in the news. In this case, Bijan Rafiekian, the former business partner of Michael Flynn, the United States National […]

Charlottesville protests lead to murder conviction

January 18, 2019
Attorney Page Pate, who is recognized as a legal analyst and a criminal defense and constitutional lawyer, has been representing people charged in serious federal criminal cases for over 20 years. He is often asked by the media to provide opinions and analysis of important cases that appear in the news. Occasionally, Page will write […]

Michael Flynn Sentencing Report

January 18, 2019
TRANSCRIPT: Jim: Joining us now, CNN legal analyst, Page Pate, and chief investigative correspondent for Yahoo News, Michael Isikoff. Michael, if I could begin with you. You, of course, have been following the Russia investigation from the very beginning here. Focusing on Flynn for a moment, it was interesting, in mid-September, the last we had […]

Paul Manafort Sentencing Hearing

January 18, 2019
Attorney Page Pate, was asked by CNN to discuss the legal issues involved in the case of Paul Manafort and others as they relate to the investigation of the President of the United States. In discussing the impact of lies that Paul Manafort allegedly told regarding the investigation, how much information the public may get […]




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