Atlanta DA sues Justice Department for records in potential police excessive force case

Pate & Johnson has successfully represented many individuals who have been victims of excessive police force. Attorney Page Pate is recognized as both a constitutional and criminal defense attorney and is frequently contacted by the media for his opinion on current legal issues and cases in the news.

In this case, the Fulton County District Attorney, Paul Howard, has filed a lawsuit against the United States Justice Department to gain information related to the shooting of a schizophrenic college student in 2016. The student was shot 59 times when a fugitive task force broke down the door and entered an apartment in Atlanta, Georgia, while trying to arrest the student for shooting at police officers earlier in the year. Mr. Howard’s office has been investigating the incident but the federal government has refused to provide any information under the Freedom of Information Act, as requested by the District Attorney’s Office.

Fox News contacted Page seeking a comment regarding the dispute between the local and federal governments. Having dealt with both local and federal law enforcement for many years, Page indicated that he thinks this dispute “is extraordinarily unusual.” Page said “”They stonewall plaintiffs all the time, but it is unusual for them to stonewall a district attorney who is investigating a possible crime. … They generally cooperate when it comes to investigating serious crimes.”


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