Some computer searches may be unconstitutional

In today’s electronic world, law enforcement officials investigating crimes often seek warrants to search and seize electronic devices that they believe contain incriminating evidence. However, people also store highly personal information on their electronic devices, from memories to entire conversations. Most of this electronically stored information is often irrelevant to the crimes being investigated, but…

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FBI’s Use of “Playpen” Child Pornography Website May Be Unconstitutional

The FBI recently admitted that it had operated a child pornography website known as “Playpen” for several weeks in 2015. The FBI was supposedly using this website in an attempt to identify computer users across the world who may have attempted to access illegal child pornography images on the “Playpen” website through the Tor network.…

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New Federal Child Pornography Charges Involving Tor Network

We were recently contacted by several individuals who had either been arrested or had their homes searched by federal authorities based on allegations of receiving, distributing, or possessing child pornography through the Tor Network. Based on our experience, it appears that this is a massive criminal investigation by the FBI and other agencies resulting in…

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