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Health care fraud charges filed against doctors and other professionals

June 28, 2018
Today, the Department of Justice announced that it has filed health care fraud charges against 601 people, including 165 doctors and medical professionals. They are being charged them with an array of crimes in additional to health care fraud charges, including illegally prescribing drugs. The arrests were the result of a nationally coordinated health care […]

Travel Ban Case on Appeal

June 21, 2018
Transcript: Don: I appreciate that. I want to bring in now my experts, my legal analysts, Laura Coates, constitutional attorney, Page Pate and senior political analyst, David Gergen. Good evening to all of you for this special edition of CNN tonight. Page, I want to get your take first. Who had the stronger argument? Page: […]

Challenges to Travel Ban

June 21, 2018
Man 1: I’d like to challenge the Attorney General, who I admire enormously, and I think did a great job here, make the case for how you think this is unconstitutional as it applies to a family in Yemen that has never been in the United States, that is simply seeking a visa, that has […]

Operation Wire Wire is an aggressive move against federal computer crimes

June 15, 2018
This week, the Department of Justice announced in a press release that an international law enforcement operation, Operation Wire Wire, resulted in the arrest of 74 individuals, including 42 people in the United States. The government is accusing these people of committing “cyber-enabled fraud” by sending misleading emails to businesses and individuals that trick them […]

Can I withdraw a guilty plea?

June 8, 2018
A person can try to withdraw a guilty plea, but there are important time limits. Many people call our firm and want to withdraw a guilty plea. Unfortunately, some people plead guilty without being fully informed by their lawyer of all the consequences of a guilty plea. Even more concerning, some people enter a guilty […]




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