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Page Pate discusses the Ferguson Grand Jury decision

December 16, 2014
In a HuffPost Live segment, federal defense attorney Page Pate comments on the Ferguson grand jury decision for Huffington Post’s Black Voices section. Page stated that the prosecutor behaved “almost like a defense attorney would.”

Page Pate comments on grand juries refusing to indict police officers

December 16, 2014
Criminal defense attorney Page Pate of Atlanta, Georgia, has represented several officers in excessive force cases and discusses the issue with CNN.com. Jurors and potential jurors are “likely to trust an officer’s version of events.”

Page Pate gives “passionate” closing argument in federal corruption trial

December 16, 2014
Defense attorney Page Pate gives a “passionate and emotional closing argument” in federal court during a public corruption case against a former county chief magistrate judge.

Page Pate discusses potential extradition treaty with China

December 15, 2014
International attorney Page Pate comments on the lack of a formal extradition treaty with China.




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