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Police Responsible for Death of California Man Suffering Mental Health Crisis

August 26, 2021
On August 10, the city of Pleasanton, California, settled a wrongful death suit for $5.9 million. The victim in the case was Jacob Bauer, a 38-year-old man who was killed by police during a mental health crisis. During a police interaction, people struggling with mental illness are 16 times more likely than other Americans to […]

New Federal Case May Help People Challenge Extradition to the US

August 26, 2021
A recent ruling by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals may mark the beginning of a previously foreclosed avenue for foreign defendants to challenge criminal charges brought against them in the U.S. while remaining in their home country. In United States v. Muriel Bescond, the Second Circuit reversed the lower court’s finding that Bescond, a […]

Our firm represents NY and DC in challenge to GA voting law

August 23, 2021
Attorney Page Pate has been representing clients in federal court in cases involving interpretation of constitutional law. Occasionally, Page will be asked to serve as local counsel in important cases where the parties involved are not located or admitted in the District Court in the Northern District of Georgia. In this case, the Department of […]

Federal Marijuana Sentences May Be Reduced Based on Changing Marijuana Laws

August 18, 2021
Since the First Step Act of 2018 became law, thousands of federal inmates have been released early from prison through the “Compassionate Release Program.” The First Step Act allows inmates to request early release or a sentence reduction if they present “extraordinary and compelling reasons.” Most of the inmates released since the First Step Act […]

Travel Act Prosecutions on the Rise in Federal Court

August 16, 2021
Federal prosecutors are initiating cases under the Travel Act more frequently in recent months. The latest conviction announced on such charges may also signal that the Department of Justice is beginning to use this legislation to prosecute a broader spectrum of criminal activity Eric Samuel Jarvis, a defense attorney in Texas, was charged by information […]




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