Attorney Tom Church Testifies Before Georgia Senate; Helps Kill Anti-Hemp Bill

Leading up to the final days of the legislative session in Georgia’s General Assembly, Attorney Tom Church was called on to testify before the Senate’s Committee on Regulated Industries regarding a Hemp Bill that would effectively shut down hundreds of hemp retailers across the state of Georgia.

The bill, House Bill 1322, would have done some good things, like imposing age limits and advertising restrictions on certain hemp products, but it would have created more problems than it sought to solve.

Among other things, it would have imposed extremely low milligram quantities for products containing Delta-8 and other hemp extracts, and it would have included Delta-8 and other extracts under the definition of “THC,” which right now only refers to Delta-9-THC, the cannabinoid that gets users “high.”

Attorney Church testified regarding the unlawful raids that have been conducted across Georgia against lawful businesses that sell hemp products. As the only attorney in the State who has obtained injunctions against law enforcement officials prohibiting such raids, Attorney Church lent a unique perspective to the Committee.

Video from Georgia General Assembly Website (Full video here)

After Attorney Church’s testimony, the Committee voted on whether to advance the bill further. Fortunately, the vast majority of senators voted to “table” the bill, effectively killing it for this legislative term. Other, hemp-friendly bills were still pending in the legislature, and Attorney Church has consulted with legislators regarding some of those bills.

If you or a loved one has been targeted or raided by law enforcement based on the sale of hemp or hemp products, contact our firm today. We are ready to fight for you.


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