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Our firm secures $3 million settlement in civil rights case

July 27, 2021
Fernando Rodriquez was naked and unarmed when he was killed by police officers from the City of Hampton and Henry County, Georgia in 2019. Fernando was repeatedly tazed and eventually suffocated by the officers despite the fact that posed no threat to anyone. On behalf of Fernando and his family, our firm filed a Section […]

Our Firm Files Civil Rights Lawsuit for Police Misconduct

May 24, 2021
Our firm has been helping clients and their families pursue cases against police departments and police officers in civil rights cases involving police brutality or excessive force for over 25 years. At times, the media will contact us for comments about our clients’ involvement or to gain a better understanding of the case. When it […]

Paulding County DA Indicted in Georgia

March 2, 2021
Criminal defense attorney and legal analyst, Page Pate, has been handling serious criminal and civil cases in Georgia and throughout the country for over twenty-five years. On occasion, Page is contacted by both national and local media to provide his opinion and analysis of important legal issues appearing in the news.  11 Alive News contacted […]

Fulton County DA Investigates Trump

February 17, 2021
  Attorney Page Pate, who has been a criminal defense attorney handling both state and federal criminal cases in Georgia and throughout the United States for over twenty-five years, is frequently contacted by local and national media outlets for his legal analysis of high-profile cases appearing in the news. In this case, WGCL-TV (CBS 46) […]

DC Federal Judge Considers Sanctions

January 15, 2021
Attorney Page Pate is a criminal and constitutional attorney and a legal analyst. CNN and other media outlets frequently contact Page for his analysis of important legal issues. In a lawsuit filed by Wisconsin Voters Alliance and other groups in federal court in Washington, DC, lawyers representing President Donald Trump’s campaign sought to have the […]




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