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Unsealing Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant

September 11, 2022
Bruce: A federal judge ordered the government to propose restrictions to the affidavit that was used to justify a search warrant executed by the FBI last week at Mar-a-Lago. Judge Bruce Reinhart said he was inclined to unseal parts of it. Reinhardt said it was very important that the public have as much information as […]

Judge Finds Conflict in Fulton County Investigation

August 4, 2022
Victor: A closely-watched investigation into former President Trump and his allies’ efforts to overturn the 2020 election, it just hit a big hurdle. Speaker 2: A judge in Georgia has blocked the Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis, from probing a state senator who was one of the 16 fake Trump electors in that state. […]

State Supreme Court Orders New Trials

July 15, 2022
The law firm of Pate, Johnson and Church has been representing clients charged in serious criminal cases, including criminal appeals, for over 25 years. Our attorneys are often contacted by the press for their comments or opinions on important cases appearing in the news. The Atlanta Journal Constitution recently contacted Attorney Page Pate to discuss […]

Tex McIver Murder Conviction Overturned

July 15, 2022
Recognized as a legal expert with over 25 years of experience defending individuals charged in serious criminal cases, Attorney Page Pate frequently speaks with the media about high profile cases that appear in the news. In this case, 11 Alive News interviewed Page regarding the overturn of the felony murder conviction of Tex McIver in […]

Murder Conviction Overturned in Hot Car Death Case

June 28, 2022
Aisha: So, a lot of people are wondering right now when you hear this information because it was a huge story. You say, “Well, what’s next? And could now he be released from prison with the most serious part of his conviction overturned?” Let’s bring in now 11Alive, legal analyst, Page Pate. Page, what can […]




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