Learn more about how to earn a whistleblower reward

Our firm can help you earn a whistleblower reward by filing a successful qui tam lawsuit under the False Claims Act.

Our firm helps whistleblowers earn awards by reporting fraud in the healthcare field, the military, government contracts and procurement, the financial services industry, and in the importation of products covered by special customs duties. The most common whistleblower cases involve companies who cheat the government by over-charging for goods or services, or by delivering good and services that do not comply with strict contractual requirements.

Over the past 20 years, we have helped our clients earn millions in whistleblower awards. Our lawyers have strong relationships with government attorneys who make the decision about pursuing a whistleblower claim.

Who can file a whistleblower claim?

How do I file a whistleblower lawsuit?

How much are whistleblowers paid?

Our whistleblower attorneys can help you determine if you can earn a whistleblower reward. If you think you may have information about a company defrauding the government by overcharging for services, failing to comply with strict contractual requirements, or otherwise submitting false claims for payment, give us a call today. A consultation with our lawyers is always completely free and totally confidential.


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