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The employment lawyers at the Pate, Johnson & Church law firm are experienced in helping people who have been fired, laid off, discriminated against, harassed, or had their employment rights violated in any way by their employers.

Our law firm assists employees in Atlanta and throughout Georgia in recovering back pay, future pay, and other damages when their federal employment rights have been violated by the intentional misconduct of their employer. Our firm also assists employees in negotiating enforceable written employment contracts, generous severance packages, and fair non-compete agreements with large and mid-sized businesses.

Our decades of experience in federal court gives our employment lawyers a strategic advantage when negotiating with companies and their attorneys. Our record of success in federal trials makes it much more likely that companies will try to quickly settle claims made by our clients to avoid the risk of a much more expensive verdict after a jury trial. We approach each case with the mindset that we will fight the employer’s legal team all the way to trial if necessary. That aggressive approach generally leads to a very favorable settlement and resolution for our clients.

Our employment lawyers can help people recover damages and re-instatement when their employers have violated the following federal employment laws:

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If you need aggressive employment lawyers to help you fight back when your employer has cheated you, discriminated against you, or harassed you, contact our firm and we will let you know if we can help.