Atlanta mortgage fraud case results in 14 year sentence for real estate agent

Another mortgage fraud conviction in Atlanta, and another lengthy sentence. In federal court last Friday, Joseph Sterling Jetton received a 14 year prison sentence and was ordered to pay over $11 million in restitution.

The Macon Georgia Telegraph has the story.

Our criminal defense lawyers have handled many mortgage fraud cases in Atlanta and other parts of Georgia. We have represented real estate agents, mortgage brokers, closing attorneys, investors and straw purchasers.

Our lawyers have been able to successfully resolve a few complex mortgage fraud investigations on behalf of our clients by showing that these clients were not aware of the fraudulent statements made on the loan applications and closing documents. In cases that cannot be resolved without a plea, the ultimate sentence usually depends on the amount of loss attrbuted to the person, and that person’s role in the overall offense.

Considering the continued decline of the real estate market, and the amount of properties going into foreclosure, our lawyers expect more criminal investigations into mortgage fraud and other questionable real estate transactions in Atlanta.


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