Atlanta lawyer files $2 million lawsuit against Crocs shoe manufacturer

An Atlanta lawyer has filed a lawsuit against the Colorado-based maker of the popular Crocs shoes. The lawsuit alleges that a child was injured while wearing the shoes on an airport escalator.

According to the complaint, the shoes got caught up in the escalator because of their design. Damages for the child’s injuries are alleged to be $2 million. Interestingly, the child’s mother is the producer for Neal Boortz, a conservative talk radio show host.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has the story.

Other child injury lawyers have filed lawsuits against Crocs alleging similar defects and injuries that occur when these shoes get caught in escalators. Some of these lawsuits allege that the manufacturer knew of this problem before it started marketing the shoes to children.

Our firm accepts injury cases like the lawsuit filed against Crocs, and we can understand why parents would be concerned about the safety of the shoes their children wear.

We hope that the manufacturer will act responsibly and insure that any injured children are properly compensated for their injuries. So far, the manufacturer of Crocs has been blaming the kids and the escalators for the injuries. We’ll soon see if juries feel the same way.


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