The False Claims Act is a powerful whistleblower law that helps people fight fraud and recover big rewards

Most of our whistleblower cases fall under the False Claims Act, a whistleblower law that allows private citizens to report fraud against the federal government and collect monetary rewards.There are also a number of states that have similar laws allowing citizens to report fraud against state government and recover monetary awards. While many of these state laws mirror the federal laws mentioned above, some states only allow for recovery for certain types of fraud, like healthcare billing fraud.

Sometimes, fraud that appears to relate only to state government actually involves the use of federal taxpayer money. If the fraud involves federal dollars, then the person reporting the fraud may be able to recover under federal whistleblower laws. So, if you are aware of fraud being committed against a state government, give us a call and we can discuss with you the possibility that the fraud may actually involve federal dollars and allow you to recover as a whistleblower under federal law. If it does not, we will be glad to assist you in finding qualified counsel to help you report fraud against a state government under any available state whistleblower law. Our whistleblower attorneys focus exclusively on federal whistleblower claims.


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