Rotten tires can blow out and cause serious injuries and death

Cobb County police say a rotten tire caused fatal blow out on I-20

Investigators with the Cobb County Police Department have determined that a rotten tire caused a car accident on I-20 which killed two people.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has the story.

The wreck occurred just a couple days before Christmas. Police say a tire on a Ford SUV blew out causing the vehicle to roll over. As a result, two of the six passengers inside were killed. Investigators discovered that the tire was manufactured in 1996 and had literally rotted away even though the tread appeared normal. Police have decided not to hold the tire maker at fault.

Rotting can occur when a tire sits on a shelf for a long period of time. When a tire suffers from dry rot, it can simply give out as seen in this case. Consumers are advised to look for small fractures on the sidewall and tread which can be a warning sign of dry rot. Drivers should also check the last four digits of the 12 digits on their tires in order to determine the tire’s age.

While police have decided not to hold the tire manufacturer at fault, the manufacturer may still be liable for civil damages. Our product liability lawyers have successfully won several cases in which a defective vehicle part led to serious injuries and deaths. If the injured parties in this case can show that the tire was defective and that it caused their injuries, Georgia law would allow them to recover significant monetary damages.


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