Pill Mill Allegations Against Doctor



News Anchor: Channel Two Action News has uncovered new information after investigators raided a local pain clinic. A warrant we got our hands on reveals the enormous amount of money allegedly taken in by the doctor running the suspected Pill Mill.

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Erin: Good afternoon, I’m Erin Coleman, in for Jovita Moore.

Justin: I’m Justin Farmer, and an unsealed warrant reveals a doctor brought in more than $1 million a month in what prosecutors call a nationwide scheme. Channel Two’s Rachel Stockman live in Alpharetta. Now, Rachel, you spoke to a security guard who says he’s saw patients then reselling those pills right in the parking lot.

Rachel: Yes, right in the parking lot. This is the pain clinic, where, as you can see, the doors are locked. Federal agents swarm the Innovative Pain Clinic in the seemingly quiet Alpharetta office park. We were the only TV station there last week, and now, only Channel Two Action News has obtained the unsealed warrant that reveals what investigators say went down in Dr. Oscar Stokes’ office.

Guard: California, New York, Utah…

Rachel: These license plates show where the security guard says many patients came from. He patrols the pain clinic on Upper Hembree Road every day.

Guard: I’m seeing just folks coming out with four or five prescriptions in their hands.

Rachel: Every day?

Guard: Every day.

Rachel: Same people?

Guard: Same people.

Rachel: And he says, sometimes, patients resold the pills right in this lot.

Guard: Pills going for $200 a pill.

Rachel: A pill? One pill?

Guard: One pill was going for $200.

Rachel: The warrant says, at times, Dr. Stokes would sign blank prescriptions. Investigators also say, he’d often write 72 prescriptions a day, charge $500 per visit, and rake in more than $1 million a month.

Rachel: That seems odd for a doctor only to take cash.

Page: Well, it is, and it’s not true. Dr. Stokes took insurance. He had a number of insurance patients.

Rachel: Page Pate is Dr. Stokes’ defense attorney.

Page: If his practice doesn’t fit into the mold that these government agents want it to fit into, that doesn’t mean he’s guilty of a crime.

Rachel: As for all those out of state license plates we saw…

Page: You’ve got to remember, clinics all across the country are being shut down. I mean, there are very few doctors who are willing to treat chronic pain patients.

Rachel: Now, even though this clinic has been shut down for several days, that security guard told me this lot was full this morning with patients wanting to get pills. Now, that doctor has entered a not-guilty plea, and he is out on bond. Reporting live in Alpharetta, Rachel Stockman, Channel Two Action News.


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