Our firm wins “Not Guilty” verdicts in federal drug conspiracy trial

Last week, Page Pate won another federal drug conspiracy trial. Our client was charged with being in a drug conspiracy and possessing, with intent to distribute, controlled substances.

The case lasted two full weeks and was tried before a jury in the Middle District of Georgia, Albany Division, in front of Senior Judge Louis Sands. The government called over a dozen witnesses who testified that our client had been involved in a conspiracy to distribute drugs into Georgia from South Florida.

Among other witnesses, the government called an alleged co-conspirator who had cut a deal with the government to testify against our client. Page was able to effectively cross examine this witness by pointing out the generous deal he had with the government, his prior inconsistent statements, and his general lack of credibility.

The government also introduced into evidence a number of wiretaps that were used to obtain phone recordings of our client allegedly discussing drug transactions. Page was able to convince the jury that the substance of these conversations was not enough to prove the government’s case against our client beyond a reasonable doubt.

Our client was on trial with two other defendants for their involvement in this same drug conspiracy. Although our client was found “not guilty” on all counts, the other two defendants were unfortunately convicted of all charges.

Our client had been held without bond in jail awaiting trial for almost exactly one year. After the jury found him not guilty, Page was able to walk with him out the front door of the courthouse and let him be reunited with his family and friends.

This case was especially challenging because the government had filed sentencing enhancements against our client that would have required him to serve the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole if he was convicted on the conspiracy charge. Page fought back against this sentencing enhancement with the United States Attorney, and even got the Department of Justice in Washington, DC, involved.

Although the stakes were incredibly high, and the government offered our client a good deal right before trial, our client was confident that we would help him win the case. He declined to accept any plea offers from the government because he had complete trust in our firm’s abilities, and he knew he was innocent.

Our client was fortunate to have the support of many family members and friends who prayed for him every day and helped him maintain his faith over this year-long ordeal.


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