Our firm helps secure $10.5 million settlement in another whistleblower case

Importer Pays $10.5M After Evading Duties for Furniture Featured by Kim Kardashian

In an interview with the Daily Report, Page Pate discusses the $10.5 million settlement our firm helped obtain in the Basset Mirror Company whistleblower case. It was alleged that the company violated the False Claims Act to avoid paying antidumping duties on imported furniture. This settlement follows a related $15 million settlement with Basset’s co-defendant, Z Gallerie.

Our firm also filed this whistleblower lawsuit on behalf of our client Kelly Wells. Ms. Wells is a retailer who sells furniture online and realized that Z Gallerie and Basset Mirror were mislabeling furniture in an attempt to avoid paying import duties. Page Pate also discusses how Macy’s is the last defendant left in the whistleblower case and how we intend to pursue them on our own since the government declined to.