Our Firm Helps Client Avoid Prison in Large Federal Drug Conspiracy Case

Earlier this week, a federal district court judge in Atlanta, Georgia sentenced our client to “time served” in a serious federal drug conspiracy case. She had served only 14 months in a local jail before we got her released, and she will not go to prison.

Our client was accused of being part of a large federal drug conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine across Georgia and was facing a mandatory minimum of ten years in prison. The federal indictment charged more than 20 alleged members of the notorious Ghostface Gangsters and accused many gang members of violent acts such as murder and kidnapping.

Our firm was able to convince federal prosecutors that our client was not a part of this gang and that she had been taken advantage of by one of its members. In doing so, federal prosecutors did the right thing and agreed that our client should be sentenced to less than the ten-year mandatory minimum.

We were then able to show the judge at sentencing that our client has always lived an honest life, is not a threat to anyone, and is highly unlikely to reoffend. The judge agreed with us and allowed our client to return home to her family. In federal court, it is rare for a defendant in a large drug conspiracy case to receive no additional time in custody, but it can happen when the judge is convinced that the individual has already received enough punishment and is not a danger to anyone.

This case is a stark reminder that defense lawyers should never assume that federal law enforcement agents know the whole story when they first make arrests. In many instances, it is only through effective advocacy that the truth can come to light. Our client knew that we would fight for her and that we would do everything possible to keep her from going to prison. We are very happy for her and wish her the best.

Our firm is devoted to defending clients charged in federal drug conspiracy cases. If you have been charged in a federal drug conspiracy case, call our firm to speak with one of our experienced federal criminal defense attorneys.


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