The federal criminal lawyers at Pate, Johnson & Church have decades of experience representing people in serious federal criminal cases across the country. To better serve our clients with investigations and cases brought in the Metro DC area, we have opened an office in the District.

We have successfully represented people in the District of Columbia federal court who were being investigated for a variety of federal crimes, including healthcare fraud, bank and loan fraud, public corruption, drug conspiracy, computer crimes, money laundering, federal tax crimes and other white collar offenses.

What happens in a federal criminal case? Watch this video.

Our office in Washington, DC is located at 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue, very close to the White House and many other federal government offices.

Most of our federal criminal cases in Washington, DC are heard in the federal district court at 333 Constitution Avenue in the E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse. If you are charged with a federal crime in DC, this is where you can expect most of your court appearances to be held. In this courthouse, federal judges conduct first appearances, detention hearings, motions hearings, pleas, and sentencing hearings.

We also assist clients in the DC area with federal criminal appeals. If the case is being appealed in the District of Columbia Circuit, it will generally be decided by a panel of judges located at 333 Constitution Avenue in the William B. Bryant Annex.

If you have a criminal appeal pending in the DC Circuit, you may never need to actually go to the courthouse. Most federal criminal appeals are decided “on the briefs.” That means that there are no hearings or required appearances. In some cases, our lawyers are able to participate in “oral arguments” before a panel of judges in the DC Circuit Court to try and convince them of the merits of or appeals. Of course, a client may attend those arguments, but an appearance is not required.

Our DC office allows our federal criminal lawyers close access to the many law enforcement agencies that are involved in federal prosecutions nationwide. In our experience, many federal criminal investigations are controlled out of DC, even if the actual case may be pending in a district on the other side of the country.

The federal government is a big bureaucracy and having our defense attorneys at the heart of this bureaucracy gives us access to high-level decision makes at the U.S. Department of Justice and other agencies. Our relationships with these decision makers can often benefit our clients who are targets of a criminal investigation. In some cases, we can convince the government not to pursue the case. In other cases, we may be able to convince them that a local US Attorney’s Office is not treating our client fairly or consistent with current Justice Department policies. In our experience, having a presence in DC helps in almost all serious federal cases.

To speak with a federal criminal lawyer in Washington, DC please contact us first by phone or text. Office hours at our DC office are by appointment only.

Federal Criminal Investigations in Washington DC

Federal criminal investigations in DC involve a wide variety of federal crimes. Of course, many federal cases brought in DC federal court relate to national security and international matters, and our defense lawyers have been involved in many of them.

In DC federal court, we have successfully represented business executives, elected officials and other senior level federal employees in serious investigations involving fraud, public corruption, firearms, export and international trade violations, and many other types of federal cases.

If you need an experienced federal criminal lawyer in DC, contact us now to discuss your case. There is no obligation or cost for the initial call, and it is completely confidential.

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Recent Developments in Federal Criminal Law in Washington DC

In one recent case, our federal criminal lawyers secured a probation only sentence for a foreign national accused of violating Iranian sanctions regulations by shipping defense related material to Iran. (In a different case, we were able to get similar charges completely dismissed.)

After the “Capitol Riots” on January 6, 2021, federal prosecutors in DC have been aggressively pursuing the people involved or just present at the time. We have been contacted by some of the protestors and are following the developments closely. Recently, the Justice Department has suggested that they may dismiss or not purse some of these cases.


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