Closing Arguments in McMichael/Bryan Trial

Attorney Page Pate has been representing clients charged in serious criminal cases for over 25 years. He is frequently interviewed by a number of media outlets, particularly regarding the case involving the murder Ahmaud Arbery in Glynn County, Georgia. 

Page has been closely following this case, and The Washington Post contacted him to discuss the ongoing jury deliberations and the closing argument made by defense attorney Laura Hogue, who represents Defendant Greg McMichael. Ms. Hogue made some shocking statements about Mr. Arbery in her closing argument, which Page said that she and some of the other defense attorneys believed may appeal to some jurors. 

Page explained that it would only take one juror to disagree and deadlock the case, resulting in a mistrial. Page says that “A mistrial in this case is a win for the defense…So maybe [Hogue] is thinking that’s their best option here.”


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