Helping our clients reverse wrongful convictions for over 20 years

Won a new trial for a client who had been convicted of rape, child molestation and related charges and sentenced to 25 years in prison after the client’s prior lawyer had been ineffective in representing him at the first trial.
(State v. J.S.D)

Won an appeal for a client charged in a child pornography case after the police unlawfully searched his cellphone. The client would have faced up to 20 years in prison.
(State v. D.B.)

Won an appeal in the Georgia Court of Appeals that suppressed evidence in a sexual exploitation of children case and resulted in the dismissal of charges against our client.
(State v. D.B.)

Won an appeal keeping out critical video evidence in a child molestation case. The State had appealed the judge’s decision suppressing the evidence, but we won the appeal and the evidence was excluded.
(State v. M.D.)

Won a federal criminal appeal for a client wrongfully sentenced for RICO, bribery, and fraud-related charges. We argued and won the appeal before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, Louisiana.
(U.S. v. T.N.)

Won an appeal for a client wrongfully convicted of aggravated sex crimes. We won the appeal before the Georgia Supreme Court and we reversed our client’s 80-year sentence.
(State v. L.W.W.)

Won an appeal reversing a client’s 25-year conviction for drug trafficking in Dekalb County, Georgia.
(State vs. V.A.)

Successfully appealed our client’s conviction for child molestation and reversed his 15 year sentence. We won a motion for new trial and the client was released from prison.
(State v. W.J.)

Won an appeal reversing a client’s 7 year sentence for aggravated assault for a shooting incident in Dalton, Georgia.
(State v. A.F.)

Won a federal habeas appeal reversing our client’s maximum sentence on federal drug charges in Macon, Georgia.
(U.S. v. T.S.)

Won an appeal reversing a client’s 20-year conviction for burglary in Gwinnett County, Georgia.
(State v. T.M.)

Filed a petition for certiorari that was granted by the United States Supreme Court. Our client’s sentence for a federal drug crime was reversed and remanded.
(U.S. v. T.E.)


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