Carlos Ghosn’s Fugitive Status

Ghosn Article - Fox Business

Pate, Johnson, & Church frequently represents people charged in significant federal criminal cases. We have over 20 years of experience defending people charged in these types of cases, some involving international matters. When issues involving international extradition appear in the news, media will sometimes contact Attorney Page Pate, who often serves as a legal analyst and is recognized as a criminal defense and constitutional attorney, for his opinion and analysis. 

In this case, Carlos Ghosn, the former Chairman of Nissan, has been facing charges of financial misconduct and breach of trust in Japan since 2018 and was expected to go to trial in April 2020. He recently escaped Japan while out on bail and fled to his native Lebanon. Since there is not an extradition treaty between Japan and Lebanon, there are many questions about the likely future of Mr. Ghosn and the criminal case pending against him.

Seeking an expert opinion, Fox Business contacted Page Pate for his opinion on the criminal case. Page commented that “He’s unlikely to have to go back to Japan – as long as he stays in Lebanon…he could be arrested if he tries to leave Lebanon [but] it’s highly unlikely the government in Lebanon will send him back.”

Page further explained that there may be some options available to Japan, and “In the absence of a clear extradition treaty, they have to be a little more creative.” Page explained that if Mr. Ghosn “were to decide to fly to London, he could be arrested as soon as he gets into the jurisdiction of the British government,” if Japan were to put out a criminal arrest warrant through Interpol. Page also said that Japan could make a request to Lebanon to have Mr. Ghosn returned for diplomatic purposes but that Lebanon would not have to honor that request. 


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