Can I switch lawyers during my personal injury case?

Yes! You always have the right to chose your lawyer, even in the middle of a case. And switching lawyers is not hard. In fact, it happens all the time. In almost every case, switching lawyers costs the client nothing and can help the client get the best result.

One of the most common reasons people switch lawyers is because their current lawyer is hard to reach and never calls back. Sometimes the client realizes that their lawyer doesn’t have the right experience for their complex personal injury case. Some clients lose faith in their lawyer because the lawyer pushes them to take a bad deal or won’t fight for a better deal.

Regardless of the reason, you can always switch lawyers and hire someone who gives you the confidence you need to see your case through to the end. And even if you’re not sure that you want to switch lawyers, you can always get a second opinion. For many people, the first lawyer they hire to handle their personal injury case is the first and only lawyer they have ever had. Getting a second opinion from another lawyer can let you compare attorneys and determine whether the lawyer you hired is the right person to represent you and your family.

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Will switching attorneys hurt my case or cost me extra?

Many people want to switch lawyers in the middle of their cases but are afraid it will cost them extra or hurt their case. In fact, sometimes their lawyer will threaten to charge the client for expenses they’ve incurred or suggest that the client will hurt their case by hiring another lawyer.

Don’t fall for it. In most cases, it will cost you absolutely nothing to switch attorneys, even if you’re in the middle of the case. And if you hired the wrong attorney in the first place, switching to the right attorney won’t hurt your case—it will only help it!

If you retain the personal injury lawyers at our firm, we will pay any money your former attorney is owed. We also won’t charge you a nickel unless we win your case for you. But most importantly, we’ll prove to you that you made the right decision in hiring us by giving you and your family the respect you deserve and the justice you deserve.

Call our personal injury lawyers if you want to change lawyers or want a second opinion.

If you are thinking about switching lawyers, even if it’s during the middle of a pending case, don’t hesitate to contact our personal injury lawyers. From there, we will take care of all of the paperwork, expenses, and everything else that’s needed to help you change lawyers, so you can focus on recovering from your injuries while we work to get you the compensation you and your family deserve.

Even if you’re unsure about changing lawyers, it’s worth calling us to get a second opinion. If we can help you, we will, and the call is free and confidential.



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