Daycare Injury Lawyer

A daycare injury lawyer can help your family if your child has been injured or abused.

Our firm has had significant success in helping families when a daycare, preschool, nursery or other childcare facility fails to keep their children safe.

While the facts of each case and the settlements we have obtained remain confidential, here are some examples of the types of daycare injuries we see:

  • Concussions, cuts, and broken bones that occur because children are left alone and unsupervised around broken or defective playground equipment
  • Infections due to a daycare’s failure to properly treat a child’s cuts or scrapes
  • Physical, mental and emotional suffering resulting from physical or sexual abuse by daycare employees or by children who were not properly supervised.
  • Bites, bruises, and other injuries caused by another child when children are left unsupervised
  • Injuries or illnesses resulting from the daycare giving your child the wrong medicine or neglecting his or her medical needs
  • Food poisoning or allergic reactions due to the daycare failing to recognize your child’s dietary needs

Is the daycare responsible for my child’s injuries?

Yes, if the daycare didn’t do its job to properly protect your child.

In Georgia, daycare owners and operators have to follow several rules and meet certain standards in order operate in this state. Georgia’s Bright from the Start program is in charge of licensing and regulating the 8,000+ child care providers in the state.

This program requires daycares to follow certain rules, such as requiring background checks for new daycare employees, prohibiting certain forms of discipline, setting safety standards for playgrounds, setting standards for hygiene and nutrition, and keeping playgrounds fenced in and safe for play.

If you can show your child was injured because the daycare violated these rules or failed to take care in supervising your child, the daycare can be held legally responsible for any damages resulting from its negligence or abuse by its employees.

Some of the most common ways a daycare can be liable for a child’s injuries include:

  • Providing an unsafe environment, such as leaving sharp objects or broken equipment on the playground;
  • Negligent supervision, such as staff leaving children unattended who may fight each other, touch hazardous objects, or run away;
  • Inadequate hiring, such as failing to conduct background checks to weed out applicants with a criminal record of child abuse;
  • Understaffing the facility, which can lead to a lack of supervision or neglecting children’s needs;
  • Poor organization, which can lead to giving a child the wrong medication, serving expired food products, or causing an allergic reaction;
  • Car or bus wrecks during field trips;
  • Unsanitary conditions.

Contact an experienced daycare injury lawyer

Unfortunately, many daycare businesses are more concerned with profits than accepting responsibility when things go wrong. The owner of the daycare facility, or its insurance company, will often dispute a legitimate claim or offer only a very small amount of money to settle the case.

That’s why it’s critical to find a lawyer who is both experienced in daycare litigation and will fight passionately for you and your child. Here’s how we have been able to win daycare injury and abuse cases for people across Georgia:

  • We are very familiar with Georgia’s rules and regulations over daycares and nurseries. This experience helps us identify negligence and abuse even before Bright from the Start has finished its investigation.
  • We work with only the best experts and investigators, including pediatricians and other medical professionals, who help us build a winning case and recover the maximum amount possible for our clients.
  • We have young children, too. And we are committed to keeping kids safe and making sure daycare facilities across the state follow the rules.

If you think you may need to pursue legal action against a daycare, preschool, nursery or other child care facility in Georgia, contact a daycare injury lawyer at our firm. We will answer any questions you have and be honest with you about your rights and legal options. The call is free and completely confidential.

If you need help recovering damages for an injured or abused child at a daycare or nursery in Georgia, contact us now for a confidential consultation. We have offices in Atlanta and Brunswick, Georgia, with a satellite office in Washington, D.C.

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