Recent Cases and Legal Analysis

Georgia judge under fire for $1 million defense bill in death penalty trial

November 1, 2007
Things have now gotten ugly in the ongoing controversy over the death penalty trial for Brian Nichols in Atlanta, Georgia. Yesterday, Judge Craig Schwall called Judge Hilton Fuller, the judge presiding over the Nichols circus, a “fool” and a “disgrace” for his handling of the Nichols case. The email was provided by an unknown source […]

Rapper T.I. to be released on bond by federal magistrate judge

October 26, 2007
Earlier today, Magistrate Judge Baverman agreed to allow T.I. (Clifford Harris, Jr.) to post bond while facing federal criminal charges in Atlanta. Last week, T.I.’s defense lawyers asked the judge for a multi-million dollar bond with home detention and close supervision. Today, the judge granted the request and set T.I.’s bond at $3 million with […]

Rapper T.I. facing federal gun charges in Atlanta, Georgia

October 15, 2007
Rapper T.I. was arrested this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia on federal firearm charges. He was in Atlanta to collect a handful of awards at the BET Hip-Hop award show. Instead, he spent the weekend at the federal detention center awaiting his initial appearance this afternoon. This afternoon, Magistrate Judge Alan Baverman informed T.I. about the […]

Federal drug trial in Rome, Georgia

October 4, 2007
A federal criminal trial in Rome, Georgia continues today. It’s an interesting case involving a local businessman (Mario Armas) who is accused of funding a multi-million dollar drug smuggling operation. He is charged with violating federal drug laws, and also of being involved in a Continuing Criminal Enterprise. He is looking at 20 years minimum […]

Georgia police chief charged with theft and corruption

September 14, 2007
The police chief of Jefferson, Georgia was indicted this week on 30 counts of theft and invasion of privacy charges. According to the indictment, the chief was unlawfully using his access to the Georgia Crime Information Center to run background checks for his wife’s security business. He is also charged with using city property to […]