Gordon County police arrest 19 in alleged racketeering ring in Calhoun, Georgia

Gordon County Sheriff’s Deputies raided three homes early Friday morning after a nine month racketeering investigation. Police say those arrested during the raids received stolen property in exchange for methamphetamine on numerous occasions.

The Rome News-Tribune has the story.

The raids were spearheaded by Gordon County’s Major Crimes Unit and occurred around 4 a.m. on Friday morning. According to detectives, the individuals who were targeted by police received stolen property including firearms and laptop computers. In exchange for the stolen property, the individuals would then distribute methamphetamine.

Under Georgia law, individuals convicted of distributing between 28 and 200 grams of methamphetamine face a minimum of ten years in prison. Georgia also makes the manufacturing of methamphetamine illegal, and a person convicted of manufacturing under 200 grams faces a minimum sentence of ten years. Furthermore, the crime of racketeering, also known as a RICO violation, carries a five to 20 year sentence.

Unfortunately, in some racketeering cases, law enforcement will arrest and prosecute anyone they believe to be connected to the illegal activity. In our experience, this often means that innocent people are prosecuted alongside those who planned and carried out the illegal activity. There is often a risk of casting too wide a net in RICO cases, due to the type of crimes alleged in RICO indictments and the breadth of the statute.