We help whistleblowers report fraud and earn big rewards.

If you are aware of a company that has defrauded the federal government, our experienced whistleblower attorneys can help you report the fraud and potentially earn a large financial reward.

Under the False Claims Act, whistleblowers with knowledge or evidence of a company cheating the federal government out of money can report the fraud and receive a monetary award.

While fraud against the federal government occurs in many different industries, most of our whistleblower cases involve companies that have cheated the government in healthcare billing, government contracts and procurement, banks and financial service businesses, and manufacturers and importers who evade special customs duties.

In this video, Page Pate explains the process of filing a whistleblower lawsuit and earning a reward.


Most people who think they may want to pursue a whistleblower claim first want a few questions answered. Here are the three most common questions and our answers:

While there are many different kinds of whistleblowers, the federal government is most interested in rewarding people who report companies that are cheating the government by (1) submitting false invoices or bills to the government, (2) receiving federal money or benefits to which the company was not entitled, (3) failing to follow specific guidelines in contracts between the company and the government, or (4) providing misleading information to the government to avoid paying the company’s legal obligations.

Most of the successful whistleblower claims we see involve one of the following:

With the help of whistleblowers across the country, including some of our clients, the federal government has recovered billions of dollars in False Claims Act cases.

We have helped our whistleblower clients earn awards for reporting this fraud through extensive investigation and documentation, diligent preparation of winning whistleblower lawsuits, and our solid working relationship with government attorneys.

It’s through these relationships that we’ve learned how to build our whistleblower’s cases so that they capture the government’s attention.

A recent review from one of our whistleblower clients:

The absolute best Whistleblower Attorney you can hire!! $15M Settlement! Page is an amazing, brilliant and exceptionally talented attorney. He represented me in a Whistleblower False Claims Act case which resulted in a $15M settlement with Z Gallerie, a major US furniture retailer who evaded paying anti-dumping duties to US Customs and Border Protection for many years. My award was a life changing $2.4 Million. Page has long standing, established relationships with the Department of Justice and knows exactly how to navigate the complexities of pursuing such a case with the government. The detailed and precise complaint he prepared and submitted to the US Department of Justice is one for the record books, truly amazing. The Government immediately took up the case with much enthusiasm. Page was engaged with the US Attorneys throughout the entire process. Words alone can not express the gratitude I have for Page Pate!

To give you an idea of how you may be able to benefit from filing a whistleblower claim, here are a few recent whistleblower settlements and victories:

If you think you may have information relating to fraud against the federal government, contact our firm to see if you have a good whistleblower case.

Page Pate is personally available to answer any questions you may have about the federal whistleblower laws or the process of filing a whistleblower complaint. Page will also give you his honest assessment of your case and tell you how he thinks you should proceed. There is never any cost or obligation for this initial consultation, and it is completely confidential and protected by law.

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