Serious Injuries

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A serious injury can change your life forever. Whether you’ve suffered injuries to your head and spine or suffered the loss of an arm or leg, you have the right to seek justice for your injuries if someone unlawfully caused them.

Georgia law allows victims of serious injuries the right to recover for their damages when another person or entity negligently or intentionally causes the injuries.

Like any other personal injury lawsuit, however, a victim of a serious injury has to prove certain elements before they can hold another person responsible for their injuries. A serious lawsuit based on negligence, for example, would require presenting evidence that someone was acting carelessly or recklessly, and that their carelessness caused your injury.


How much is a personal injury case worth?

Serious injury lawsuits are unique due to the nature of the damages—the people filing these lawsuits are usually seeking compensation after their lives have been completely and permanently changed. Their injuries often include brain damage, nerve damage, paralysis, blindness, amputated limbs, serious burns and scars, and organ failure.

It’s important to know what damages you can seek in these lawsuits. When you suffer a serious injury due to someone’s unlawful actions, you can seek compensation from them for the pain and suffering you experience, any future wages that you can no longer earn due to injury, the medical treatment you received for your injury and the cost of all the treatment you’ll need in the future, and any missed opportunities resulting from your injury.

Because the injuries in these cases are so serious, the potential damages can be very high. Insurance companies don’t want to pay more money to injured people than they have to, and the person injured has to do something very difficult—placing a dollar value on the things they lost due to their injury, like playing with their kids or taking a hike.

An experienced attorney can do that for them by providing experts who can show how much they could have earned if they weren’t injured and could continue working. An expert can also explain to a jury how certain injuries, such as nerve damage, can become worse over time and require more medical treatment or lead to further pain and suffering. The insurance company is not looking to help you, so it is important to have an attorney who will take these steps to ensure you realize the potential of your case.

Hire a lawyer who will fight for you.

A serious injury lawsuit usually begins when the attorney representing the injured person sends the responsible party, and their insurance company, a “demand letter.” This letter lays out the nature of the injuries, explains how the responsible party caused them, and requests a payment for the damages.

Sometimes, an insurance company responds to a demand letter with a settlement offer, usually a relatively low one. Other times, the insurance company will argue that their customer didn’t cause the injury or is otherwise not responsible for the damages.

Either way, attorneys for victims of serious injuries usually have to negotiate with insurance companies or go to trial. Most attorneys are hesitant to go to trial. Worse, most would rather just get a quick settlement check for their client and close the case.

When attorneys settle quickly, they’re often selling out their clients, who they usually convince to take what looks like a big settlement check rather than risk a trial with the insurance companies. Rather than independently investigate the case and look for leverage over the insurance company, most attorneys will encourage their clients to take the insurance company’s first or second offer.

Sometimes settling is the right decision, as trials can be risky. But settling too early can be risky too, as the big settlement check your attorney convinced you to take doesn’t seem nearly as big a few years later. That’s why it’s important to consult an attorney who is not only experienced in serious injury lawsuits, but who is loyal to your interests only.

We know how to negotiate with insurance companies and how to fight them at trial if they won’t settle on your terms. We limit our caseload so we can devote our time and resources to your case. We will never pressure you to settle when it’s not in your best interest, and we are always prepared to go to trial if that’s what it takes to get you fair compensation for your injuries.

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