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Our firm wins major federal drug trial for Texas pilot

May 27, 2012
A Dallas-area man cleared of federal drug smuggling charges is now fighting drug-forfeiture laws to get his private plane returned.

Daily Report covers “Not Guilty” verdicts for doctor in prescription drug case

January 22, 2012
Page Pate recently won  a criminal trial for a doctor who had been charged with unlawful distribution of controlled substances by “issuing” pre-signed blank prescriptions. The case had already been appealed to the Georgia Supreme Court prior to trial. It raised a number of difficult legal issues concerning the interpretation of Georgia statutes and the […]

We successfully negotiate misdemeanor plea for a client charged in 29 count
 federal fraud indictment

June 28, 2011
Our firm successfully negotiates a misdemeanor plea for a client charged with 29 federal fraud counts.

Lawyer and former prosecutor retains our firm to represent him in a federal
 mortgage fraud case

June 28, 2011
A Dublin, Georgia, attorney retains Atlanta defense lawyer, Page Pate, to represent him against federal mortgage fraud charges.

We refuse to plea bargain and proclaim client’s innocence in federal criminal
 case we later won at trial

June 28, 2011
Our firm refuses to plea bargain in federal criminal case against Treutlen County Sherriff and deputy. We win justice for our clients at trial.




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