Will the MORE Act Help People Already Convicted of Marijuana Crimes?

Yes. Under the MORE Act, marijuana legalization would be retroactive for many individuals by allowing people with prior federal marijuana convictions to get their criminal records expunged and allowing certain inmates serving prison time for federal marijuana offenses to get their sentences reduced or vacated. The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act, known as the…

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What is a Geofence Warrant and is it Constitutional?

Based on a recent federal district court decision, “geofence search warrants” for Google location data are subject to being challenged as an unconstitutional violation of privacy. The judge in that case refused to grant the warrant because it was too broad and violated the Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable government searches and seizures. What is…

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Defending Doctors, Pharmacists, and Nurses in “Pill Mill” Strike Force Cases

On April 17, 2019, the DOJ announced in a press release that the government is bringing federal criminal charges against 60 individuals, including 31 doctors, 7 pharmacists, 8 nurse practitioners, and several other licensed medical professionals, based on allegations that these healthcare providers were unlawfully distributing prescription opioid medication and committing healthcare fraud. The charges…

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