We help client avoid charges for alleged violations of federal environmental laws

Violating federal environmental laws can result in serious criminal penalties. Here’s how we helped our client avoid being charged. Last week, our firm successfully resolved a criminal investigation initiated by the Environmental Protection Agency focusing one of our corporate clients – an energy corporation engaged in selling used oil. After three years of representing the…

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Noor Salman is “Not Guilty”

TRANSCRIPT: Ana: We have some breaking news right now. The jury has reached a verdict in the case against the Pulse nightclub shooter’s wife, not guilty on both counts, not guilty of providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization and obstruction of justice. As jurors found, she did not aid her husband’s killing spree…

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Compounding pharmacy owners charged with healthcare fraud and money laundering

Federal prosecutors in the Southern District of Texas recently announced a 17-count indictment of three individuals accused of healthcare fraud, money laundering, and violating the federal anti-kickback statute. The indictment accuses George and Marene Tompkins, an elderly couple who owned a compounding pharmacy in Houston, of paying illegal kickbacks to Anoop Chaturvedi in exchange for…

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