Reduced Sentence in PPP Fraud Case

Our firm represents a number of people and small businesses who have been charged in federal PPP Loan Fraud cases. In this case, Attorney Page Pate represented Andrew Tezna, a former NASA senior executive, who was accused of fraudulently obtaining PPP loan funds in connection with three different businesses. The Washington Post covered Mr. Tezna’s…

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How Law Enforcement Uses ANOM and Other Encrypted Devices

Anom, which was advertised as “designed by criminals for criminals,” was supposed to be the newest encrypted device service of the criminal underworld. What it turned out of be, however, was a device the FBI used to monitor, investigate, and understand criminal enterprises around the globe at a level never seen before. In an investigation…

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Can I Get Arrested for Growing Marijuana in a State Where Possession of Marijuana is Legal?

Even though several states have legalized marijuana, you can still be arrested and prosecuted for growing marijuana unlawfully. Law enforcement agencies at the federal and state level still devote significant resources into investigating illegal marijuana “grow operations,” which involve the use of multiple “grow houses” in residential neighborhoods to grow large amounts of marijuana indoors…

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